THE UNSINKABLE TITANIC: Iceberg Wasn’t The Main Reason For Her Sinking….

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A fateful night in the North Atlantic. An enormous ship sinking in the cold freezing water that scene stuck in the most people imagination…Yup, I am talking about  Titanic


It’s well known among the people that Titanic was hit an iceberg and the unfortunate accident occurred. But when new evidence brought to the light by journalist and Titanic historian Senan Molony, turns out that it also might be wrong — or, at least, it may not be the whole story of the end of Titanic.

He made a documentary, on the basis of evidence which is found recently “Titanic: The New Evidence,” Molony argues that while the collision with the iceberg undoubtedly standing in the middle of the way to crush down the Titanic and played a huge role in sending the Titanic to the bottom of the ocean along with more than 1,500 of her passengers, it was a smoldering coal fire that’s burning for days before the ship even set sail, and it became the main culprit who caused the unfortunate occurrence otherwise it been a survivable collision into a fatal one.


Thanks to Photographs, it’s discovered that in an attic in Wiltshire in southern England form the basis of the theory. Taken by the Titanic’s engineering chief only a few days before the ship was left its yard in Belfast, the photos become a tool which reveals a dark, 30-foot-long mark on the hull’s front, starboard side, and it’s very near where it would later collide with the iceberg.

When first time I heard about it some questions were cross on my mind and they are still floating in my mind:

“So the iceberg wasn’t the reason, right?

“Did the Titanic can turn out “The Unsinkable Titanic” if there wasn’t any fire in the ship?” Or


“Why anyone would let a flaming ship out to sea and did they know what it will cause?”

Well, I don’t know who did that and why but it really caused the death of 1500+ human beings along with a huge ship.

Whatever the reason but it’s true that was the huge disaster and heartbreaking incident.


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