PANDORAS BOX: We May Not Know We Are Getting Ourselves Into….

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There are some mysteries that physics aren’t able to solve, and it’s not like all of them are born tomorrow, some of them are here for decades. And Pandoras  Box is one of them


Let’s go in 1900, Lord Kelvin, the British physicist is said to have announced:-There is nothing new remain to be discovered in physics now and all that remains is more and more exact substantiations. Quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of relativity had revolutionized the field in the three decades.


As of Today, no physicist would dare to claim that our physical knowledge of the universe is near the satisfaction. But inverse, each new discovery we make it seems to unlock a Pandora’s Box even bigger, even deepen the physics questions more.

Inside the Pandoras Box you’ll learn about parallel universes and found out why time seems to move in one direction only along with knowing why we don’t able to understand the chaos.

There are also so many myths wondering in all cultures, which tried to describe the human being and evil things like hate, disease and war. According to those mythical stories these evils was born because humans didn’t obey the Gods.

Human being is always curios to know every thing such as why things happen in a way they do, why is the world like that even if they found out the answer their curiosity never ends in any point, its always like that from the start no matter how much we have understanding of science and knowledge.


IF we talk about now days then today, the Pandora’s Box contain meaning- a source of troubles, and when we talk about opening the Pandora’s Box then it’s mean we may not know what we are getting ourselves into also there are times when we don’t know how something we have started may end or we don’t know what the consequences of our action will be.  


Well…, our curiosity always makes as look into Pandora’s Box, and it’s true for everyone on some point of their life.


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