Nanu Ki Jaanu

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Nanu Ki Jaanu

There are films that make you laugh at their silliness and then are some which make you cringe at the half-hearted efforts put in by a team with potential. Unfortunately, Nanu Ki Jaanu qualifies in both these categories. Touted as a horror-comedy, the film does make you laugh, but only at your decision to spend time and money on this farce posing as a film


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Cast: Abhay Deol, Patralekha Paul, Manu Roshi Chaddha
Director: Faraz Haider

Given that it features talents like Abhay Deol and Patralekha Paul, you feel bad for the actors for signing a film like this and hope that at least the money offered to them was justified as the film has all the elements to sink their respective careers.

The story is of Nanu, leader of a gang of goons, who takes possession of apartments in Noida under the pretext of renting them. On the way to one such assignment, Nanu sees a woman lying at the edge of the road, bleeding to death. Despite his best efforts, Nanu is unable to save Siddhi (Patralekha).

Leaving her body with her grieving father (Rajesh Sharma), Nanu returns to work, suddenly a changed man. Soon after, strange things start happening in his house and a ghost is detected. Who is this ghost and what are its intentions for Nanu is the story of the film (if that’s what you call it).
Nanu Ki Jaanu
The execution of the film is so shabby that there comes a point when you start to wonder if the team realised what they’ve signed up for and lost interest mid-way. There are glaring loopholes in the narrative which are more uneven than the roads in Noida. The director (Faraz Haider) did try to make the most of. Abhay not by taping on his skills but by presenting him in nearly every frame. Patralekha has a bare minimum role in the film. And we feel happy for her as the lesser the association with a film like this; the better.

The only person who somewhat tries to save this sinking ship is Manu Rishi Chaddha. The writer of Oye Lucky… plays Nanu’s partner in the film and his role does offer the counted five laughs in this ‘horror-comedy’.

Interestingly, Nanu Ki Jaanu is a remake of critically acclaimed Tamil film. Pisaasu and we wonder if the makers of the original will lose trust in their own story after watching the film.

The film’s death comes with its climax where. The makers shove a forceful traffic rule message in what appears to be a sad; remorseful scene. However, it ends up being a major eye-roll fest, if only your eyeballs haven’t rolled enough before that point.

Overall the film is uneven, half-baked disappointment. Wwhich completely wrecks the talent of Abhay, Patralekha and even Chadha. Neither the performances nor an ever changing storyline, where newer characters are introduced, help pick it up. An anticlimatic, emotional ending further seals the fate of this film.

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  1. Awesome movie..good concept with little fear and lot of fun also enjoyed very much..shandaar performance of Abhay Deol n Manurishi..and Patralekha looking very pretty. I read Critics review also at Bollywood Hungama news site which covers all kinds of Bollywood updates, so go to Bollywood Hungama.

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