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Mercury movie review: Silent ‘killer’

The element of mercury and silence may sound strange but the debut filmmaker, to some extent has used it sensibly.

After all that extremely loud ventures, high on heroism, here comes a silent killer which partially leaves the audience ‘speechless’. Feeling disappointed over the noise level? The background score will still manage to keep the audience wide awake for not less than two hours of dead silence.

A still from ‘Mercury’.

mercury movie reviewThe element of mercury and silence may sound strange but the debut filmmaker, to some extent has used it sensibly. The plot revolves around a group of deaf-mute high school friends who are having some good time on a get together, celebrating the birthday of the only girl in the group. Also, each of them is connected with the outcome of the poisonous mercury gas emanated from a factory, killing several in the past.

Observed carefully, the posters of the film in which actor Prabhu Deva, is seen screaming his lungs out is another dead give away on what is in store for the audience. At his best with a ‘killer’ performance, his act of revenge mannerisms remind of those intelligent dinosaurs from the Hollywood movie ‘Jurassic Park’.

For those who still remember what happened in last summer, and similar such revenge saga from the Hollywood’s collection, here ‘Mercury’ is quite impressive for its meaning content set in the backdrop and the crisp making of it webbed around the challenging characters. Imagine a cat and mouse situation of a group of deaf-mute friends being hunted down by a visually impair person.

An accident leads to the twist and eventually to the intended position of action. There are few impressive moment and also yawning ones for the expected factor. But this silent one will not go unheard for its ghostly tale.


Mercury movie review: An audacious experiment

 The events of Karthik Subbaraj’s Mercury seems to take place in an alternate universe where the days are shorter and the nights, longer. This is a gloomy with misty atmosphere. In one brilliantly realised sequence, a thick blanket of mist is used as a “screen” to project the silhouettes of two lovers dancing. If that doesn’t serve as an example of Karthik’s vivid imagination…

To heighten the intensity of the deafening silence that comes in the latter portions of the film, Karthik opens Mercury with a scene that is punctuated with bursts of loud, heavy metal music. The decision to make the entire film devoid of dialogues is not a gimmick. There is a perfect reason why dialogues wouldn’t work in a film like this. And to know why, of course, you need to watch the film till the end.

To be perfectly clear, no real explanation is ever given as to why all the characters in the film are mute — and only communicate in sign language. Perhaps it has something to do with mercury poisoning? You notice that the fringe characters move their mouths when they speak, but you can’t hear them.

There is a scene where the main characters are having a party that gets interrupted by a bunch of cops. The cops don’t say anything; they just stand outside like figurines. Cut to the next scene, and you see them speaking to the group in sign language as well. The original suspicion is that the cops are mute too, but it seemed to me that perhaps they aren’t; perhaps some words were uttered by them during the transition from the first scene to the present. But Karthik doesn’t dwell on these details.

In fact, he doesn’t show us a lot in the film, and therein, for me, lies the film’s beauty. This is visual storytelling at its finest. There is no spoon-feeding here, and I suspect that a lot of people are going to have a big problem with this. I can already imagine some of them pulling out their hair in frustration, especially after that crazy, out-of-the-box ending.

This is a film that keeps upending your expectations at every turn. You go in with pre-conceived notions about what the film is going to be and then when you get to the ending, all you can really do is to throw your hands up and admit that Karthik has won.

Mercury movie infinyposts

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The story, in a spoiler-free nutshell, is this: A group of youngsters find a body in the middle of the night. They make some decisions, and then get caught in the grip of inexplicable panic and confusion. Around this time, you’re beset with plenty of questions. You ask yourself why they behave this way when the body has got nothing to do with them. The film then moves to an abandoned warehouse everything goes bonkers from thereon.

I wish I could really discuss Prabhu Deva’s character, but I worry that it could be a spoiler. Be assured though that the trailers haven’t given away anything. There is a pre-interval twist that you don’t see coming, and just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, Karthik turns everything upside down in the climax. It’s an admirably bold move, and makes you see certain characters in new light — which is quite in keeping with at least one of his earlier films.

To me, this is Karthik’s best film so far, but it’s hard to predict how the general audience response will be. What Mercury will do though is get people talking. But Mercury’s audacious, technically-impressive, and an experiment filled with delightful surprises.

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Karthik Subbaraj’s earnest request to Tamil audiences!

Though the reviews from North Indian media are mixed, Karthik Subbaraj says he has been getting positive response from audiences outside Tamil Nadu and requested his local fans to wait for the official release in the state. The director asked Tamil Nadu people to not support piracy. “Mercury is releasing BIG worldwide today in more than 1000 screens except Tamil Nadu, my Home….Am glad to reach out my film to such a wider audience and overwhelmed with the response so far… While this is definitely a moment to cherish in my life, It’s also really really Disheartening for us to not show the film to my home audience who made me what am I today.

Since we were not able to push the release date outside TN as it will be a big blow to the business.Since we were not allowed to release even the Hindi version here in TN.Since we support this strike to show solidarity to hopes of thousands of FEFSI workers who are still waiting without work for more than a month, for strike to get over and good things to happen, we are not able to show the film to my home audience. Me and my Team, With so much pain and helplessness are waiting to show the film to you soon in theatres. Request you all to Please wait until it get released in theatres and please please avoid piracy..Heartfelt Sincere Apologies and request to My dearest Tamil audience”, said Karthik Subbaraj in his official statement.

 Karthik Subbaraj apologises for not releasing Mercury in Tamil

Director Karthik Subbaraj whose Mercury recently hit screens put out an apology for not releasing the film in Tamil. He said that though his film has been released in other languages has been receiving; a good response from everyone, he is unhappy that the film didn’t release in Tamil. He said that it was disheartening to not show; the film to my home audience here in Tamil Nadu. He added that they were not able to push the release date outside the state as it would have resulted in a heavy loss of revenue in business. The director also requested his fans to wait until the film hit screens and asked them to avoid piracy.

Mercury is a silent horror thriller that stars Prabhu Dheva,Sananth Reddy and Deepak Paramesh. The film revolves around six youngsters who get stuck in a ghost town where people died due to mercury poisoning. The film’s background score if by Santhosh Narayanan.

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Mercury’ is an unbearably loud silent film

Sometimes the message is not enough. Not when you have to wade through acres of lush — in this film, quite literally — to get to the point.

Mumbai: Choreographer Prabhu Deva ahead of a press conference to promote his upcoming film. “Mercury” in Mumbai on March 27, 2018.

o drive in the point the director, wearing his commitment on his sleeve like a renegade revolutionary rapidly running out of tricks,flashes statistics of chemical carnage across the globe during the end-titles.

This attempt to yoke horror-thrills with a social statement left me cold. It is as unconvincing as the mighty Prabhudheva going through a role that requires no dancing.

But wait,here comes the redeeming stroke. In the elaborately-staged scenes where the blind nameless ghoul follows sound signals to track down his victims in a dilapidated ramshackle chemical factory reeking of death and plunder; Prabhudheva uses the dancer’s body language as an action machine to explain his characters sniffing out his victim.

The chases in the environmentally challenged setting are interestingly staged; parts of it being heart-in-the-mouth, thanks to the cinematography and artwork which aid the ambience of shivery shindig.

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Prabhudheva gives his ghoulish character a life of its own. He fills the air with anguished shrieks that sends a chill up our spine. As long as he is on the ‘scream’ we are game. But the rest of the film is so awfully loud messy and theatrical. I cringed on behalf of the multi-talented Prabhudheva.

He deserves a lot better than this phoney salespitch at promoting cheap seat-jolting horror in the guise of a social message. The story of four young men and one young woman; who are hounded by a zinced-out zombie who tracks them down with the help of sound is clearly inspired by Fede Alvarez’s 2016 horror-thriller “Don’t Breathe”.

“Mercury” doesn’t allow you to breathe either. It suffocates you with the over-elaborate background score and recreational actors who gesticulate like circus artiste in lieu of genuine sign language. This is best mercury movie review by Infinyposts.

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