Top 7 Mysteries of INDIA still unsolved.

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Every one Knows That India is full of Mysteries..! still every mystery is hard to belief but this are the true ones. Even scientist ,doctors & professors are still shocked with some of them..!From those biggest  and unsolved are below..!Mysteries INDIA

7) Roop kund lake (lake of skeletons)

Roopkund is also famous as the Skeleton Lake and is situated in an not fit to live in portion of the Himalayan region. Around 600 skeletons were found at the rim of this lake by a ranger in 1942. What really is a anonymous is that what such a vast number of people were doing there? The location of the lake was neither fit to be alive nor in the path of any trade path. Who were these people and where were they came from? Researchers have conclude that the skeletons are the remains of people killed in a unexpected, brutal hailstorm in the 9th century.

6) Karni Mata Mandir (Bikaner).

Located in Bikaner, the mandir(tample) of the goddess  karni mata, she was a part of the charin clan in her life time. Karna mata lived approx 150 years and remained young and charm. Its supposed that after her death, she become rat

Karni Mata Mandir is recognized for its rat neighborhood. The faith is that out of those 1000’s of rats in the temple there are only 4 or 5 white rats known as the son of kul devi(Goddess of the clan)  karni mata. Their sightings are supposed to be blessed and sign of good luck. To this day researchers have failed to determine the reason for such huge number of rats there.

There is another stranger fact is that not even a single case of plague has been submited  here ever since this temple was constructed. Every one is still wonder…!

5)Prhalad jani.

Prahlad Jani, widely known as Mataji is an Indian sadhu, who is a halt devotee of goddess Amba. This man claims that he can be in this world without eating a single byt of a meal or even  drinking a drop of water and has been doing from  1940. It means, this total makes up to 70+ years. Till date a total of 2  observations have been conducted on Jani. In on of them  observation conducted in 2010, he was examined  by 3 cameras 24×7 for long 15 days.


And to the wildest surprise of the scientist, Jani spend those 15 days without have anything other than breathing oxygen. Even later than 15 days jani had no symptoms of starvation or dehydration. Theme of fact, after 15 days of eating nothing his health was better than that of a 40 years old male, those scientists noted. This myth still unxplaind how was he surviving…! The truth of JANI is still unexplaind.

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4)Rameshwarams floating stones.


Rameswaram, a little town situated at the southern of Tamil Nadu, derives its name from the Hindu god, Rama. According to myths, this is where Rama started to build his bridge to Lanka with the help of vanarsena, to save his wife Sita from Ravana. The bridge was supposed to have been made of stones that floated on water and never really sank, once his name was carved on them. Attractively, stones along Rameswaram’s coast do indeed float on water. still no one stated or confirmed how stones can float on water. Wonder-full or not?


3) Gyanganj.

Himalayas include forever been linked to mysteries as of its vain landscape and livable climate. But the myth has it that the world’s mightiest mountain variety is a house to Gyanganj. A metropolitan of immortals and free-thinking beings. Ancient Indian and Tibetan stories say that this place is city of mysterious immortal being that cannot be exposed by common men. It also said that the city is so well hidden away that no modern mapping method can spot the place.

Here are some pointed myths about gyanganj.

Unexplained position of Gyanganj

Gyanganj is situated “somewhere” in the Himalayas and its accurate position is not known. As per the believers.

  •  Only Liberal Saints Can Find It

orders to arrive at Gyanganj have been specified in some old Buddhist texts; but, the guidelines are uncertain. According to believers, only Liberal saints can find this ground, hidden in mists of mighty Himalayan peaks. Flying over them using saintly powers is the single way to find Gyanganj.

  • Top secret of Immortality

Peoples says that Gyanganj defies death. Realization forever remains alive in this mysterious land as no death occurs there.

  • Independent Basis of Gyanganj

Believers says that this magic land of immortals, does not fit in to any particular civilization or religion and anyone who is liberal as much as necessary can find it, irrespective of what piece of the world he belongs to.

Amazing, isn’t it? At some point it may appear that Gyanganj is just a faith that emerged in ancient Indian and Tibetan civilization and lived from side to side generations, but there are myths too which sounds true to life enough to believe that the place really exists.


2)Netaji subhash chandra boses death.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, the lead of Azad Hind Fauj, was confirmed dead during the last stages of World War II by Japan. The news confirmed that Bose had died of 3rd degree burns in an filled to capacity plane that crashed in Taiwan on August 18, 1945. as the body was never recovered, bulk of his supporters never alleged his death.

There were no certified reports released by the Governments of India or Britain, historian Leonard Gordon says, “Even members of India’s short-term Government in 1946 waffled on the stuff. Bose had vanished several times before in his life; so rumours began again in 1945 and a influential myth grew.”

While some say that this was in reality a ploy to help him go underground and finally get away to the USSR. several say that Bose had turn out to be a Sadhu. In 1946, many of his partners even supposed that he was in China preparing his last march on Delhi. A sighter even claimed that he saw Bose in a third-class booth of the Bombay express on a Thursday. The sightings sustained for a long time, but Bose was never really heard from later than the crash.

1) Shivkar Bapuji Talpade (An INDIAN who prepared the first plane even a decade before from wright bros). 

The famous Wright Brothers prepared the first air plane. Is this true or not? Well if assured old articles of Times of India and Deccan Herald are to be supposed, Shivkar Bapuji Talpade might be the first guy to invent the airplane. And that too, he did that approximately a decade in advance of the Wright Brothers, who are truly recognized for the invention of airplane. Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, born in Maharashtra, reportedly constructed and flew an unmanned airplane called MarutSakha in 1895, sooner than it in due course crashed. It is said that he obtained the ideas from his Guru and the plane supposedly had a mercury ion engine. It is also believed that he couldn’t go further on with his sample plane due to lack of finances. Hence, no acknowledgment for his realization was ever awarded to Shivkar Bapuji Talpade.

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