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In the middle of the southeastern Europe, there was a country, Romania which is known for the vampire hometown and its gloomy stone castles, added another creepy, fantasized and mysterious place and story in its account. In the demon city of Romania, a huge, deep, dark forest exist with full of riddles, which is contain so many unsolved secrets in its lapel.FOREST

If you put your all trust in the rumors then there are so many unexplained phenomena like UFO sightings, disembodied screams, and the inexplicable burns left on those who enter. And the rumors are so many which makes you believe or at least waver your heart over your belief to not believe in that kind of stuff.

The Hoia-Baciu Woodland:-

This Orphic forest is known as the Hoia-Baciu Forest and can be found in the middle of Transylvania, Romania, and outside the ancient town of Cluj-Napoca. The forest also well known as Romania’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’. The creepy woodland is notorious for its mysterious activities like UFO sightings, disembodied screams, spectral visions caught on camera and there are stories about a gateway to another dimension, haunted by the Romanian peasants and Vlad the Imperial, as well as about the case of a Bride missing too (there’s a whole story about those rumors existing).

And because of all those stories locals are convinced that the forest is haunted (well its obvious if there are that many stories than anyone would convince) and might even be the Devil home itself (why doesn’t I surprised even once). There’s even those who enter Hoia-Baciu report about experiencing intense nausea or migraines and anxiety. And oftentimes visitors come out with the unutterable rashes, scratches, and even burns on their skin.

The shadowy nature of the forest doesn’t end here with just effect on the humans, the trees of forest grow irregularly out of the ground, where other trunks appear curiously charred. And ever there’s a place Deep in the wood, where no plants are able to grow which is a nearly perfect circular clearing in itself.

Hoia-Baciu gained global recognition in the late 1960s and early 1970s, as a UFO hotspot when photographs surfaced of strange lights and disk-like shapes soaring over the treetops.

Possibly no one will ever know just what is going on deep in the dark woods of Hoia-Baciu. However, one thing for sure those unexplained mysteries infamous this place as a notorious place in all around the world.


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