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We all are familiar with the famous Oxford University, it has so many interesting facts about it but the most interesting fact about this university is its history.

The Oxford University history says, that the university history pages goes far back than the Aztec Empire, which is began with the founding of Tenochtitlán in 1325.


The first page of OxfordUniversity history started with early 1096, in which, teaching were already started in Oxford at that time. And by the time of 1249, the Oxford had become a full-fledged university with the facilities of student housing (nowadays we call it student dormitory) at the school’s 3 original halls of residence, and those halls of residence referred as the University, Balliol, and the Merton Colleges.


For the knowledge, if we talk about the oldest university, then the Oxfordisn’t the one who comes first in the list of the oldest university. The first oldest university was the Nalanda University of India and had operated for several hundreds of year (it had student housing system too), but unfortunately, Nalanda University burnt down by the invaders.

Fortunately, the same fate didn’t fell upon Oxford University, and now Oxford University stands as the oldest university, which is in continues operation. Oxford University is the precious product of our time, no matter from which country we belong, and the amazing fact is it didn’t feel that old at all; you can still go to the Oxford or enroll in it, even pay your visit to the Merton College or wondering in the campus as the student.


Oh… yaa, about the Aztec Empire, its feel like the ancient history (the Aztec Empire), isn’t it? The Aztec Empire is also known as the Aztec Civilization of central Mexico. The Aztec ruins were dug up by the Archaeologists; they were put on the Aztec exhibits. The origins of the Aztec civilization, formed in the city of Tenochtitlán by the Mexica at Lake Texcoco, in 1325. But the Aztec Empire ruled only for 196 years because, in 1521, Tenochtitlán was captured by Spanish conquerors.


So the famous Oxford University is also the one of the oldest university, it really makes me want to visit it At least for once.


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