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Don’t be stubborn, and give me your hand,

Don’t show me that look, which says I am strong,

How long are you going to make boundaries,


And keep them on guards just like you,

No one is going to attack you, so just,

Come out, we have to go another side,

Don’t try to ignore me and go on like this,


Because I know you are alone, so

Come on, you have to make friends.

You know I am waiting here so long,

And I intend to wait even more,

Don’t give both of us hard time,

Drop your rigidness and just look at me for once

Because I won’t leave you alone, even you want,

Therefore just listen to me a little,


Come on, you have to make friends.

I promise you will start smiling,

Once you have them,

You will feel more at ease,

Once you see them,

Try to believe me, they are real,

And you will have lots of happy moments,


Because they are the ones who made them,

So, don’t hide there, and come out,

Come on, you have to make friends.

Don’t say me that you don’t need them, because

I know, you are the one who needs them the most,

Just look at me, am I your friend,


Don’t you see I love you and care for you?

Don’t make me worry, even more,

Because I am your friend,

Therefore, hurry up and make me your friend,

Because I am not going to give up until you will,

I am not here to see your sulky face,

Give me a big smile with your hands,


I won’t go even if you chase me away,

So don’t try and be a good girl,

Want to know why,

Because I am your friend, to the death,

Just accept the fact,

Come on, you have to make friends.



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