The need to integrate technology in education has already been realized by the educationists from all across the globe. With technology, several constraints of the traditional education system have been overcome and learning has become more engaging, interesting and effective.   Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are nowRead More →


A small innovation might have an enormous impact on pollution. In Belgium, researchers have designed a tool that uses daylight to purify contaminated air and manufacture gas which will be held on and used for power. According to the Sammy Verbruggen, an academic of natural science engineering at the University of Anvers- we couple each process along in one device, Gas production on one facet and air purification on the opposite facet. Verbruggen is functioning with 2 groups of researchers World Health Organization had been one by one investigation each processRead More →


A National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space telescope recently passed 5,000 days since the beginning of its mission in 2003, and it’s still going robust. The Spitzer house Telescope studies cosmic targets that radiate infrared radiation. As of 3rd May, the orbiter has been operational for 5,000 days. The Spitzer telescope must be able to operate severally of its human operators, therefore its Associate in nursing autonomous orbiter — effectively, Associate in nursing physical science automaton, in line with theRead More →


What happens after you walk into a wall in virtual reality? Nothing nevertheless, but soon, your muscles might get afraid after you smack into a barrier, due to a replacement scientific research that aims to simulate walls and different objects in the computer game. This enlargement on the computer game (VR) expertise uses electrical muscle stimulation to grant users the feeling of touch a wall or lifting a significant object. The result is formed via tactual feedback, a kind of tactile communication that uses forces or vibrationsRead More →


A novel material referred to as CGT may be accustomed manufacture super-fast memory device storage devices with the thickness of one atom, in line with Jing Xia of the University of California, Irvine. Super-thin memory storage is simply one amongst the potential applications arising from a series of 3 papers revealed this month by Xia and his colleagues, UN agency is searching the potential for semiconducting particles that move many times quicker than electrons similarly as ways in which to create hyper-powerful quantum computers aRead More →


Though it is not large enough or robust enough to destroy a planet, scientists have developed AN amplified optical maser paying homage to the Death Star from ‘Star Wars,’ per a brand new study.LASER The artistic movement super weapon combines multiple optical maser beams into one harmful blast, the researchers aforementioned. The thought of merging optical maser beams isn’t new, nor has it been restricted to phantasm already. A decade’s previous Russian missile defense project looked to use the liquid as aRead More →


  Drones will do quite capture high-flying footage, and researchers recently place the remote-controlled vehicles to figure finding out a volcano because it erupted.Clouds During a quest trip to the Republic of Guatemala, a team of volcanologists and engineers used custom-made drones (also called remote-controlled aerial vehicles, or UAVs) to analyze Volcán American state volcano. Fuego is understood for it’s close to constant low-level activity, with smoke escaping from its prime daily. However, the summit vent is troublesome to access, the volcano has associated elevationRead More →


Adverse thinking is part of almost everyone’s life. For a number of reasons, it seems it is easier to imagine pessimistic thoughts, than to think optimistic and encouraging thoughts. Sometimes, there are more adversity in our life and sometimes fewer, depending upon the mood, circumstances, and ups and downs whichRead More →


You’ll soon be ready to take an active tour of London’s explanation repository through the VR with renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough, right from the comfort of your couch. The new project combines interactive virtual-reality (VR) technology with a TV documentary, within which a photograph of Attenborough takes viewers behind the glasses at the repository. The VR expertise, named ‘Hold the World’, permits users to try to simply that:Read More →

Google Earth

A new Google Earth video game (VR) feature permits users to enter any address, whether or not it’s grandma’s house or a 19th-century castle in the European nation also fly over it in 3D with a VR telephone receiver. When Google Earth VR debuted, individuals may just about visit the variety of in style traveler destinations, as well as the dyke in Silver State and therefore the Matterhorn in Suisse. They may even look at the nooks and cranniesRead More →