New Trends Of Studying-Online Classes/Programs benefits. There are some problems with the traditional structure of education i.e. colleges and universities, including higher tuition, and course shortages, have caused lots of students to search for alternatives i.e. Online Classes/Online Education. First of all, student  need  to pay thousands of money perRead More →


A gigantic, long-necked dinosaur, which lived about 160 million years ago and swings its long neck for finding the leafy meal in Jurassic-era France, a new study came up with this theory. Researchers explained this newly identified dinosaur was really huge, the weight of this immense dinosaur is around 33,000 lbs.Read More →

Every one Knows That India is full of Mysteries..! still every mystery is hard to belief but this are the true ones. Even scientist ,doctors & professors are still shocked with some of them..!From those biggest  and unsolved are below..!Mysteries INDIA 7) Roop kund lake (lake of skeletons) Roopkund is also famousRead More →


Thanks to the new app, now Jerusalem Visitors and virtual tourists can see the town (Jerusalem) just in the exact way what it looked like in the ancient time of history, with a virtual-reality app supported archeological reconstructions of the town at the peak of its splendor below Roman rule the primary century. The program, named ‘Lithodomos VR’, may be a paid robot app for Smartphones and transportable virtual-reality headsets that wereRead More →