A New Way To Fight With Cancer: Magnetic Robot Boodle Could Become The Cancer-Fighting Army

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In the new research, scientist believes “Trough the magnetically controlled swarms of microscopic robots we might one day enable to fight with cancer inside the victim’s body”.

The excellent scientists always showed us over the past decade that they can successfully manipulate magnetic forces to guide medical devices within the human body, as we know these fields can apply forces to remotely control objects. Previous research also used magnetic fields to conjointly control scrum of tiny magnets.


According to the principle, these objects could work together on large problems such as fighting cancers. However, if we consider individually guiding, they each move in its own direction and at its own speed remains and that really a challenge even for scientist. This is all because every identical magnetic item under the control of the same magnetic field normally behaves identically to each other. [

In the new study the team of researchers said that now, scientists have developed a way to magnetically control each and every member of a swarm of magnetic devices to perform specific as well as unique tasks. Study lead author Jurgen Rahmer said “Our method may enable complex manipulations inside the human body”


According to the new study, Doctors could use magnetic fields to make certain screws spin to open the pills and this could help them to make sure that cancer-killing radioactive “seeds” within the pills target and damage only the tumors rather than healthy tissues, cutting down on harmful side effects. Once the pills deliver a therapeutic dose of radiation, then physicians could then use magnets to certainly switch the pills off.


According to this thesis In the future, researchers could develop a compact and magnetic field applicators to control tiny magnetic robots, and use program technologies such as X-ray machines or ultrasound scanners.

Well in the future it can really help to fight with cancer or not but its surely gives a hope to cancer victim.

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