CRITIC’S RATING: 4.0/5      AVG READERS’ RATING: 4.6/5    Indians must give salutation to Rajamouli for his visualization and aspiration. He once again gives us our Benhur and Ten Commandments experience rolled into one. Of course it is CGI and VFX technolgy that take hold of you in your seat, butRead More →


Adverse thinking is part of almost everyone’s life. For a number of reasons, it seems it is easier to imagine pessimistic thoughts, than to think optimistic and encouraging thoughts. Sometimes, there are more adversity in our life and sometimes fewer, depending upon the mood, circumstances, and ups and downs whichRead More →


Reducing child marriages and delaying the marriage of younger women in India may have momentous outcome in improving child health and educational outcomes, a study has found. The research discovered that the children of women who got married later were more probable to inclusive their required vaccinations, have a higherRead More →


NEW DELHI: We all know by now about PM Narendra Modi’s work habits. That is, he apparently works for 17-18-plus hours a day, sleeps on air planes rather than hotels during long-haul flights journey for going abroad so he could “save time” and keeps his ministers from their full proportionRead More →


NEW DELHI: The aviation ministry on Friday well-ordered the Air India to instantly lift the two-week-old ban on stranded MP Ravindra Gaikwad. The airline acted in accordance with the order and now private airlines, which were waiting for AI’s decision, will go behind this suit. The government move came inRead More →