Forget plane-pulled banners, there are also brand new thanks to advertising within the sky. The Japanese medium company NTT DOCOMO recently unconcealed what it claims is that the world’s initial spherical drone show. Though it seems to be a solid, globe-shaped screen whereas, on the wing, the show is the real associate’s degree unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, or drone) within a spherical frame with curvilinear crystal rectifier strips. The LEDs spin chop-chop throughout a flight, making the illusion of a spherical screen. The drone show was showcased April 29-30 throughout the NiconicoRead More →


A gigantic, long-necked dinosaur, which lived about 160 million years ago and swings its long neck for finding the leafy meal in Jurassic-era France, a new study came up with this theory. Researchers explained this newly identified dinosaur was really huge, the weight of this immense dinosaur is around 33,000 lbs.Read More →


Across south Kashmir’s Shopian district, there are the helicopters and drones circled the air and over four thousand troops spread-out out on the weekday during a large operation to flush out militants. Forces comprising the military, police and paramilitary cordoned off nearly twenty villages in Shopian and launched the search within the early hours. Residents resorted to large stone succession against the forces. The motive force of aRead More →