There are always 2 sides to each story, and also the one Selena Gomez is telling in her new song isn’t a reasonable one. Within the singer’s new track she lays out however she could is a ‘bad girlfriend’ to 1 of her exes. Was it Justin Bieber? Selena Gomez, 24, wrote a brand new track with CHARLI XCX that has North American nation taking part in a heavy game. The new song is named ‘Bad Girlfriend’Read More →


A novel material referred to as CGT may be accustomed manufacture super-fast memory device storage devices with the thickness of one atom, in line with Jing Xia of the University of California, Irvine. Super-thin memory storage is simply one amongst the potential applications arising from a series of 3 papers revealed this month by Xia and his colleagues, UN agency is searching the potential for semiconducting particles that move many times quicker than electrons similarly as ways in which to create hyper-powerful quantum computers aRead More →


ISRO’S decide to develop technology that may permit 2 space vehicles to connect in orbit and additionally transfer material between them, delineated in technical terms as craft tying up and berthing has been cleared by the department of space with a grant of Rs 10 crore. The technology can eventually permit ISRO to transfer humans in space area; however, the immediate goal is to modify the provision of craft to relinquish them an extended life and transfer different crucial systems to craft in orbit. Senior scientist T K Anuradha hadRead More →