Whatever you are doing, don’t suppose, advises a personality within the Fate of the Furious, useful recommendation whereas being abused with gravity-defying stunts that become progressively cockeyed and eventually lose their radiance through repetition. Over a decade into one in all Hollywood’s longest running action franchises; the common age of the lead characters has reached the center forties. However, none of them is any longer worse for wear. More vital than the plot machinations is however inventively Dom (VinRead More →

JAIPUR: Tea merchandise is under the revenue enhancement department’s scanner for allegedly doling out Rs 1.5 as the dowery for his six daughters at their April four wedding. In a video that went microorganism earlier in the week, Leela Ram Gujjar, World Health Organization owns a tea stall at Haduata close to Kothputli, is seen flaunting the money and investigation the notes in an exceedingly loud voice as native villagers and community leaders watch. He’s then seen delivering the bundles of notes toRead More →


Reducing child marriages and delaying the marriage of younger women in India may have momentous outcome in improving child health and educational outcomes, a study has found. The research discovered that the children of women who got married later were more probable to inclusive their required vaccinations, have a higherRead More →


NEW DELHI: We all know by now about PM Narendra Modi’s work habits. That is, he apparently works for 17-18-plus hours a day, sleeps on air planes rather than hotels during long-haul flights journey for going abroad so he could “save time” and keeps his ministers from their full proportionRead More →