A blind cricket team of India, who made the whole nation shouts with proud and happiness by defeating the Pakistan and lifting the Blind T20 World Cup with glory last month. On 2nd of the march PM Modi visit our fabulous Indian blind cricket team and he expressed his happinessRead More →


EGS is an initiative from the U.S. Air Force to shift away from building independent ground systems for every military satellite mission. Enterprise  In the past, each satellite’s ground system was soloed with proprietary software. Communications of mission status between ground stations for space situational awareness across the USAF satelliteRead More →


In the new research, scientist believes “Trough the magnetically controlled swarms of microscopic robots we might one day enable to fight with cancer inside the victim’s body”. The excellent scientists always showed us over the past decade that they can successfully manipulate magnetic forces to guide medical devices within the human body,Read More →

Dutch law enforcement say Annie, who is approaching her 100th birthday, wanted on the road to experience being handcuffed and locked in a correction facility. Police in the Netherlands have helped a 99-year-old woman’s dream come true… by letting her spend time in a jail cell. Annie had told anRead More →


India’s surprising economic potency last quarter will only renew debate over how much its unprecedented cash ban has curtailed growth and how quickly activity will bounce back.demonetization While the Reserve Bank of India and the government are backing a sharp V-shaped recovery, analysts including those at the local unit ofRead More →