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Did you ever think what happen to butterfly when you snatch her beautiful wings… I know you knew, but I will still tell you. She becomes a bug that creep everyone.  Women’s A beautiful and dazzling butterfly who has right to fly upon the beautiful and quixotic flower suddenly turns into a bug who was usually treated as eyesore just because she can be surpass the man folk…. Yaa, you are thinking right, I am referring Women’s as butterfly.


From the centuries its being said that women’s are properties are men, who they married. I am asking- why it is like that? Why we always have to obey our husbands or our father in the end? Why we have to take permission with then? Why our every decision surrounded by them? Why we have to leave our parents for them? Why we have to adopt their last name and why we have to sacrifices our dreams and desire for them?  Furthermore why in the end we are the one who are blamed for every wrong doing even Along with destruction of the others lives or men’s desires? Why we are the one who have to bear the consequences of men’s ego? Why we have to abuse even still now? Where’s our respect as well as self-respect? And my question doesn’t end here….

Believe me if you asked those questions to men’s then I will tell you what they are going to say-

We are not even once who tell them to do thing for us, take your decision thinking about us or obey us. (Yes, you didn’t tell us to do all those things but you show us that we have to do it further we do all of them because we loves you but you never even once try to understand that.)


We didn’t tell you that you are our properties but we have rights to you; you have to leave your parents and adopt our last names because it’s always like that from the start. (That’s true you didn’t even once tell us that we are your properties but you treat us like that, and furthermore who gives you right to us, and for leaving our parents and adopt your last name, why did it always like that and what do you think who started that trend.)

When did we tell you to sacrifices your dreams and when did we blame you for anything. ( No you didn’t tell us but you make us without telling anything, yes, we know you didn’t remember but can you really tell that with looking in our eyes. no, you didn’t because you let us feel blamed.)

No, that’s not true you didn’t bear any consequences because of us or be didn’t abuse you. (If you are that much confident then why don’t you take a look at the history you can pick any period you will know that’s true or not and if that’s not satisfied then look at yourselves why you look at us with hunger and spout bad thing about us without trying to know our true intentions or feelings we love you so we don’t hold any bad intentions towards you.)

We really respect you and you are the responsible for you self respects. ( really, then why did there’s always some incident sprout in every little while which makes our heart tear apart and let us confirm that we can’t believe on you, and about our self respect, yes we are the one who responsible for it but who are the one that breaks it every time?)

We are able to answer for every controversy of our question, why can’t you see it we are not faking, we are really suffering…. We are not requesting by telling you all of this instead of request we are telling you all because we loves you…. And don’t very if you are not able to understand our love then take all of this us warning because we won’t stop anymore. We will gain our justice with our own hands and strong desire… if you don’t want to support us, then you don’t have to because we are able to support ourselves without your help, we can strike back without your acknowledging.


What happen in history:-

Hmp…. You are talking about innocence, right? Do you remember the degradation of cheer Haran in Mahabharata? If you forget then I will remind you in that misdeed Pandava’s put their own wife Dropdi respect on the line just because the greed of winning when wicked Duryodhen pass a order to bring Dropdi in court with saying “ ley aao us dasi ko” and his wicked little brother Duhshashan dragging her on the court with grabbing her hair, All the men’s on court lock there mouth only one or two oppose it, what happened  to other, didn’t they appose Duryodhan misdeed by sealing their tongue, what happened to their innocence and greatness when Duryodhan abuse Dropdi by telling her to come and seat on his lap. At that movement did all of them loose their legs, can’t they leave the court, and yet that much insult is not enough her own husbands who promised her to protect her as well as her respect, keep silent and seating there with looking at the earth like they will go in it and escape from truth and not only that they are the one who apply her on claim did they think about her self respect even once and the make it worst no one answer her praying when she asked every great warrior who present in the court for help and the king who are the responsible to protect every citizen didn’t see her as even a citizen ( and she is his little brother daughter-in-low), she gain denial in the name of help from every person she asked for help. And the reply she gets was even worst-


Husbands have rights on his wife’s- Bhism, pitamah. (And what about wife’s standing)

Nor the Yudhisthir take my permission before losing or neither the Duryodhan asked me before winning, goes ask Yudhisthir why he apply you for claim- Dhrutrastra, King of Hastinapur. (Then why are you king and how can you protect your Kingdome people if you can’t protect your own little brother’s daughter-in-low, did you really need their asking for stop that sin going to done by your own blood son.)

It’s not like they didn’t know what the wicked Duryodhen going to do with her, they all know that he is going to tear her cloth apart in the middle of the court among those shameless men’s who shut their mouth and  still didn’t move from their seats.

That’s good that lord Krishna save her or else……… I didn’t even think about that.

Do you really think we will forget that sin and able to forgive men folk at least I am not able to do that…. I still wish and think why they all didn’t burn in hellish fire right at that movement or why didn’t all of them die in agony that time. I still want they die in agony every time they born without getting anyone help.

Can you still say that nothing wrong happen to women’s or can you still say you are all clear even now? Look at the records of gang rap, the cheer Haran still happening with women’s and this time Lord Krishna not present to help them anywhere.

Do you really think there was justice in Lord Ram decision when he leaves Sita in forest and furthermore she was pregnant with his children’s? And did people of Ayodya do the right thing to blaming the Sita?…. if you ask me, I am not happy with theirs decisions, who give the people of Ayodya Right to judge Sita?, and what Ram think he is when he leave a pregnant lady in wild forest again without telling her anything?



What happening now:-

Do you really think the scarves we receive from those sins of men and society can heal that easily. And then what you did to heal them is giving us groundless sympathy by telling us it was necessary for revolution, the society is changed now. My foot, noting changed, the society is still same, they still blamed Dropdi for Mahabharata.. They didn’t even try to think why that happens? There are still burning bride and rap cases bunched in the police file. If you want more proof then of injustices and torture go your home and look at your mother and wife, how much they sacrificed for fitting with you instead of them why didn’t you change yourselves to fit with them, see your sister when she travel in public transport and an unknown perverted men lean on her and tried to touch her even there where he shouldn’t even think… I am making it; I am telling you the truth, if you don’t believe me then go and see for yourselves.  Go and see your girlfriend who left alone after sprouting your love in hear soft heart and leave her with deep and painful scarves in her emotional heart without doing any attempt to go and take a look at her entire heart. Did you really try to understand us? No you didn’t even though we love you so much…..

We are not weak:-

Women’s No matter what was happened to, what is happening and what will happen to us, we are not weak. We will still stand high and fight for our self against this male dominated world until the end and I am sure we will win no matter what, it doesn’t matter you are with us or not. We already win so many battles against this world, now you are not involved in our decision, our decision belongs to us and for us, and you can’t easily underscore us now we are able to fight back in both ways- physically and mentally.  We are not behinds you in any fields. We can easily survive and fight back without your support. We are able to stand in our own foots without holding your hand. I am not looking at you to come and support me instead I am looking at you to come and walk with me. I know we didn’t gain full victory and justice but I know we will be in the future and we won’t take a breath of relaxation until we gain entire justice. Women’s we  don’t hold any grudges against you, but we won’t leave behind because we want to walk with you on the same level without having any worries of our inequality.

We know you are trying to support us:-

Women’s We know you are trying to support us and willing to change, you also don’t want that any misdeed happens to us, but it still happened, we know you feel guilty about that even you are not the one who did it, it was your kind. We also know you don’t want to make us suffer, but we are still suffering and because of that you are trying to change yourselves, we now you loves us and it will take some time and some sacrifices to change that male dominated society, believe us we are willing to wait and sacrificed just like Sita and Dropdi and even more. But promised us in exchange of those sacrifices and wait you will give us our right and let us bring the justice for us.

Women’s We know our battle didn’t end here, we just get the fragrance of what we want and to have it for real, we have to fight even more, even if it gave us as a bitter end we have to snatch and make our happy story by our self in which we will have our sweet and happy end with holding our happiness in our hand so we can walk with our family happily without trying to hide our teary eyes and holding a sad feelings in our hand……….

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