Top 10 healthiest Fruits

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Top 10 healthiest fruits!

As every one knows that fruits are best source supply remaining supplements from our Regular Diet. Well most of you knows which fruit is good in which supplement. Today We are bringing top 10 healthiest fruits to eat and some of their history to you for increasing some of your GK! Believe me you were eating this fruits from a long ago but didn’t know this facts about your favorite fruits. Lets start from The king of Fruits! The Most Healthiest Fruits!

1 Mango 

Mango Healthiest FruitsMangoes are juicy stone fruit (drupe) from numerous species of tropical trees belonging to the flowering plant genus Mangifera cultivated mostly for their edible fruit.

The genus belongs to the cashew relatives Anacardiaceae. Mangoes are native to South Asia, from where the “common mango” or “Indian mango”, Mangifera indica, has been distributed worldwide to become one of the most widely cultivated fruits in the tropics. Other Mangifera species are also grown on a more localized basis.

It is the national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines, and the national tree of Bangladesh.

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Nutritious Value:- The energy value per 100 grams serving of the ordinary mango is 60 kcal, and that of the apple mango is somewhat higher 79 kcal per 100 grams. Fresh mango contains a variety of nutrients, but only vitamin C and folate are in significant amounts of the Daily Value as 44% and 11%, in that order.You are Currently Reading top 10 healthiest fruits. Thats The reason its on 1st on our list of top 10 Healthiest fruits.

2 Kiwifruit 

kiwifruit Healthiest fruitKiwifruit also shortened as kiwi or Chinese gooseberry is the edible berries of several species of woody vines in the genus Actinidia. The most ordinary cultivar set of kiwifruit is oval, about the size of a large duck’s egg 2.0”–3.1”(inches) in length and 1.8”–2.2”(inches) in diameter. It has a fibrous; also dull greenish-brown skin and bright green or golden flesh with rows of tiny, black, edible seeds. The fruit has a soft texture and a sweet but unique flavor. It is a money-making crop in a number of countries, such as China, Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Greece, and France.You are Currently Reading top 10 healthiest fruits

Nutritious Value:- A medium size kiwifruit 76grams provides 46 calories, 0.3 g fat, 1 g protein, 11 g carbohydrates, and 2.6 grams dietary fiber found partly in the edible skin. Kiwifruit is a rich source of vitamin C; 112% of the Daily Value per 100 grams and Vitamin K, and a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin E nutrient tables, right.

Kiwifruit seed oil contains on typical 62% alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid. Kiwifruit fleshy tissue contains carotenoids, such as provitamin A beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.You are Currently Reading top 10 healthiest fruits. 2nd on top 10 healthiest fruit list.

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3 Apple :

3rd healthiest fruits on Top 10 healthiest fruits Lists!

apple healthiest fruitsThe apple tree is a deciduous tree in the rose family best known for its sweet, pomaceous fruit, the apple. It is cultivated worldwide as a fruit tree, and is the most widely grown species in the genus Malus. The tree originated in Central Asia, where its wild ancestor is still found today. Apples have been grown for thousands of years in Asia and Europe; also were brought to North America by European colonists. Apples have religious and mythological significance in many cultures, including Norse, Greek and European Christian traditions.

Apple trees are large if grown from seed. Generally apple cultivars are spread by grafting onto rootstocks, which control the size of the resulting tree. There are more than 7,500 known cultivars of apples, resulting in a range of desired characteristics. Different cultivars are bred for various tastes and uses, including cooking, eating raw and cider manufacture.

Nutritious Value:- A typical apple serving weighs 242grams and provides 126 calories with a moderate content of dietary fiber (table). Or else, there is generally low content of essential nutrients.You are Currently Reading top 10 healthiest fruits. An apple a day keeps doctor away 3rd on top 10 healthiest fruits list.

4 Grapefruit

Grapefruit healthiest fruitsThe grapefruit is a subtropical citrus tree known for its sour to semi-sweet rather bitter fruit. Grapefruit is a hybrid originating in Barbados as an accidental cross between two introduced species, sweet orange and pomelo or shaddock, both of which were introduced from Asia in the seventeenth century. When originate, it was named the “forbidden fruit”; and it has also been misidentified with the pomelo.

 Nutritious Value:- Grapefruit is a rich source that is >20% of the Daily Value, DV in a 100 gram serving. Studies have shown grapefruit helps lower cholesterol, and there is evidence that the seeds have antioxidant properties. Grapefruit forms a core part of the “grapefruit diet”.This Values brings Grapefruit on 4th Rank in our top 10 healthiest fruits list. You are Currently Reading top 10 healthiest fruitsbody’s metabolism burn fat.

5 Banana 

banana healthiest fruitsThe banana is an edible fruit botanically a berry, produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. In some countries, bananas is also use-d for cooking may be call-d plantains, in contrast to dessert bananas. The fruit is variable in size, color and firmness. With soft flesh rich in starch covered, with a rind of different colors like green, yellow, red, purple, or brown when grown.

Worldwide, there is no sharp distinction between “bananas” and “plantains”. Especially in the Americas and Europe, “banana” usually refers to soft, sweet, dessert bananas, mainly those of the Cavendish crowd, which are the main exports from banana-growing countries. By contrast, Musa cultivars with firmer, starchier fruit are identified “plantains”. In other county, such as Southeast Asia, many more kinds of banana are grown and eaten, so the simple two-fold division is not useful and is not made in local languages.You are Currently Reading top 10 healthiest fruits

Nutritious Value:- Raw bananas are 75% water, 23% carbohydrates, 1% protein, and contain tiny fat. In a 100 gram amount, bananas supply 89 Calories and are a rich source of vitamin B6, providing 31% of the US recommended Daily Value, and contain moderate amounts of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber. This Values brings Banana on 5th Rank in our top 10 healthiest fruits list.

6 Strawberries 

strawberry healthiest fruitsThe garden strawberry or simply strawberry is a broadly grown hybrid species of the genus Fragaria, also known as the strawberries. It is refine worldwide for its fruit. The fruit is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy surface, and also for sweetness.

The garden strawberry was first bred In Brittany, France, in the 1750’s via a cross of Fragaria virginiana from eastern North America and Fragaria chiloensis, which was brought from Chile by Amédée-François Frézier in 1714.

Nutritious Value:- One serving of 100 grams of strawberries contains approximately 33 kilocalories, is an excellent source of vitamin C, a good source of manganese, and provides several other vitamins and dietary minerals in lesser amounts.Strawberries contain a modest amount of essential unsaturated fatty acids in the seed oil. This Values brings strawberries on 6th Rank in our top 10 healthiest fruits list.

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7 Cranberries 

Cranberry healthiest fruitsCranberries are a group of evergreen dwarf shrubs or sprawling vines in the subgenus Oxycoccus of the genus Vaccinium. In Britain, cranberry may refer to the native species Vaccinium oxycoccos, while in North America, cranberry may refer to Vaccinium macrocarpon. In some methods of classification, Oxycoccus is regard as a genus in its own right. They can be establish in acidic bogs throughout the cooler regions of the northern hemisphere.

Cranberries are low, creeping shrubs or vines up to 7 ft long and 2 to 8 inches in height; they have slight, wiry stems that are not thickly woody and have small evergreen leaves. You are Currently Reading top 10 healthiest fruits.

Nutritious Value:- Raw cranberries have moderate levels of vitamin C, dietary fiber and the necessary dietary mineral, manganese each nutrient having more than 10% of the Daily Value per 100grams serving, as well as other essential micronutrients in minor amounts. This Values brings cranberriy on 7th Rank in our top 10 healthiest fruits list.

8 Blueberries 

blueberries healthiest fruitsBlueberries also known as Vaccinium corymbosum are perennial flowering plants with indigo-colored berries. They are classified in the section Cyanococcus within the genus Vaccinium. Vaccinium also includes cranberries, bilberries and grouseberries. Commercial “blueberries” are resident to North America, and the “highbush” varieties were not introduce-d into Europe until the 1930s.

Blueberries are typically prostrate shrubs that can vary in size from 10 centimeters (3.9 in) to 4 meters (13 ft) in height. You are Currently Reading top 10 healthiest fruits.

The leaves can be either deciduous or evergreen, ovate to lanceolate, and 1–8cmlong and 0.5–3.5 cm broad. The flowers have bell-shape, white, pale pink or red, sometimes tinged greenish.

Nutritious Value:- Blueberries consist of 14% carbohydrates, 0.7% protein, 0.3% fat and 84% water (table). They contain only negligible amounts of micronutrients, with moderate levels (relative to respective Daily Values) (DV) of the essential dietary mineral manganese,also vitamin C, vitamin K and dietary fiber (table). Generally, nutrient contents of blueberries are a low percentage of the DV (table). One serving provides a moderately low caloric value of 57 kcal per 100 g serving and glycemic load score of 6 out of 100 per day. This Values brings bluebarries on 8th Rank in our top 10 healthiest fruits list. You are Currently Reading top 10 healthiest fruits.

9 Pineapple 

pineapple healthiest fruitsThe pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant with an edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries, also called pineapples, and the most economically significant plant in the Bromeliaceae family.

Pineapples can be consume fresh, cook, juice, also preserve. In addition to spending, the pineapple leaves are use to produce the textile fiber piña in the Philippines, also its commonly use as the material for the men’s barong Tagalog and women’s baro’t saya formal wear in the country. The fiber is also use d as a component for wallpaper and other furnishings.

Nutritious Value:- In a 100-gram serving, raw pineapple is an excellent source of manganese (44% Daily Value) and vitamin C (58% Daily Value), but otherwise contains no essential nutrients in major quantities. This Value brings Pineapple on 9th Rank in our top 10 healthiest fruits. You are Currently Reading top 10 healthiest fruits.

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10 Peaches 

peach healthiest fruitsThe peach is a deciduous tree local to the region of Northwest China between the Tarim Basin and the north slopes of the Kunlun Shan mountains, also where it was first domesticated and cultivated. It bears an edible juicy fruit called a peach or a nectarine.

It belongs to the genus Prunus which includes the cherry, apricot, almond and plum, in the rose family. The peach is classified with the almond in the subgenus Amygdalus; distinguished from the other subgenera by the corrugated seed shell. You are Currently Reading top 10 healthiest fruits.

China alone fabricated 58% of the world’s total for peaches and nectarines in 2014. Spain accounted for 39% of global export volume in 2013.

Nutritious Value:– A medium peach, who is approximate weight 100grams; contains small amounts of essential nutrients, but none is a major proportion of the Daily Value. Also Nectarines have similar low content of nutrients. The glycemic load of an average peach which is 120 grams is 5, also similar to other low-sugar fruits. This Values brings Peach on 10th Rank in our top 10 healthiest fruits list.

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