Shah Rukh Khan

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It’s not often when a news of a “Chaiwala” who shortly became an Internet sensation for his killing looks and remarkable shaken the virtual world…yup, your right! It’s not none other then Arshad Khan who became the highlight of media and gains a kind of celebrity status!Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

He started ruling over the social media. He got more viral when his Instagram pic circulated across the globe and because of it he even now has the contract of modeling… in my though he got a good look that’s for sure.

Well, who doesn’t want to famous like that and if you really become famous, won’t you love it all and Arshad isn’t an exception to it! When he was asked recently in an interview that which celebrity he thought he resembled to and the “Chaiwala” said with full of confident “Shah Rukh Khan” (I think he loves Shah Rukh Khan too much, don’t you think)

Shah Rukh Khan

Yaa, you heard right! Arshad have opinion that he looks like Baadshah of Bollywood, the King Khan!

Personally I like Shah Rukh Khan so it’s hurt a little bit but despite that it’s sure is a interesting and eye catching news, at least for me it is, because usually it’s rare that people compare themselves with celebrity publicly (I am talking about announcement) especially with SRK, and Arshad showed a dare to said he thought “he resembled Shah Rukh Khan” and furthermore in front of media… It’s really example of bravery in its own.

Shah Rukh Khan

This tweet came into notice of Shah Rukh and he proves why he is Baadshaah of Bollywood by not just retweeted it but also gave a compliment to Arshad for his simplicity. But I have to say… “Sir, lookout you got a big “Fan””, when I think about it remind me one the King Khan Starrer movie, “Fan”.

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