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“The witch” released in 2015, directed by by Robert Eggers. It’s a  historical period supernatural horror film. The character’s was played by  Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, Harvey Scrimshaw, Ellie Grainger and Lucas Dawson.

In 17th century New England, a man named William is threatened with banishment from a Puritan plantation alongside his wife Katherine, daughter Thomasin, son Caleb, and The Witch  fraternal twins Mercy and Jonas, due to a difference in interpretation of the New Testament. The family decides to leave the church and the plantation it controls and builds a farm by the edge of a large, secluded forest far from the Puritan settlement. Katherine soon gives birth to her fifth child, Samuel. While being closely watched by Thomasin, Samuel mysteriously vanishes from her presence. It is then revealed that Samuel was kidnapped by a witch living in the woods, who crushes his body to death and uses his blood to make a flying ointment for her body.

Caleb becomes lost in the woods and eventually stumbles upon the disemboweled corpse of his dog. The Witch Wandering further into the woods he discovers a moss-covered hovel with a smoking chimney. A beautiful and sexually flirtatious young woman appears at the door and lures Caleb towards her. While passionately kissing him, her hand becomes wrinkled and she suddenly grabs him. Meanwhile, Thomasin awakens and reunites with her father, who is searching for her and Caleb. Katherine confronts Thomasin about taking Caleb into the woods, William reluctantly admits that he sold Katherine’s silver cup.

Caleb is found outside in the rain, naked and delirious from an unknown illness. Katherine suggests her son’s mysterious ailment is due to witchcraft and prays over Caleb. The next day, Caleb suffers a violent seizure and expels a small apple from his mouth. He then passionately proclaims his love for Christ before dying.

the twins and Thomasin awaken to find a hideous naked old woman drinking a white goat’s blood. Meanwhile, Katherine is overjoyed by a vision of Caleb and Samuel’s return. She begins breastfeeding the infant which is revealed to be a black raven pecking at her exposed and bloody breast. The next day William finds the stable destroyed, the goats eviscerated and skinless, the twins missing, and an unconscious Thomasin lying nearby with blood stains on her hands. As Thomasin awakens, William is fatally gored by Black Phillip and knocked into a wood pile. An unhinged Katherine blames Thomasin for her husband’s death and the twins’ disappearance and tries to strangle her. Thomasin grabs a nearby billhook and slices Katherine’s face with it and then kills her in self-defense.

Thomasin speaks to Black Phillip. The goat responds and is revealed to be actually a manifestation of Satan, as he is suddenly transformed into a darkly handsome man. He convinces her to sign her name in his book, offering her the sights of the world and the life she wants to live. Thomasin agrees, signs the book, and wanders naked into the forest with Black Phillip alongside her. She eventually finds a coven of witches surrounding a bonfire. The witches begin to levitate as a laughing Thomasin joins them, rising above the trees.

What will happen to the family..?  will they able to escape from horror?…. while seeing the movie the question like that cross in your mind and its make you curious.

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