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Across the Westminster Bridge under the shadow of Big Ben, a towering landmark which is the point of attraction for tourists from all around the world and stands over Britain’s Houses of Parliament – the certain image of London, on the normal day of Wednesday, a terror attack took place. And in that horrible and cruel incident five innocent people were killed, along with the assailant, but that not the enough oblations the people have to pay, there’s also 40 people were injured because of being run over and stabbed in a terror attack at the heart of Britain’s Parliament by police to Islamist-related terrorism. In the whole incident, the attacker was shot dead by police within the perimeter of UK Parliament.

How the attack did take place:

For impose that heart aching attack, attacker cruelly used a car to run down several pedestrians on the iconic Westminster Bridge, who didn’t do anything wrong. Its being, at least one woman and one other person were killed by the vehicle and others were left with obnoxious injuries. Along with the three police officers who were on the bridge.

The driver fatally stabbed a police officer, after bumping his car into the Parliament fence when he tried to enter the building.

What scars London got through the attack:

Police reported that four harmless people were killed in the, including one cop and a woman. And that’s not all forty other people, the three police officers also among them, were badly injured. But when the attacker tried to enter the prestigious building in London, he was shot dead by the cops, before he can harm London more than he already did.

The police officer was being identified as a Keith Palmer (48-year-old), a member of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, had worked in the police force for 15 years.

According to the British port officials, they pulled a woman from the Thames River after the attack. Fortunately, she was alive although she was injured.

French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said French high school students were also among the injured. The Associated Press was reported, five South Korean visitors were wounded in the attack and two Romanian tourists as well.

Well, Wednesday was the anniversary of suicide bombings, which killed 32 people and wounded hundreds last year in Brussels and Belgium, according to what police says,  but there is no evidence present right now that the London attack was related. And in the meantime, the Parliament has been placed on the lockdown and it is expected that normal operations resume from tomorrow.

To pay respects to the victims, the lights of the Eiffel Tower were dimmed in the Paris.  And Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, India stands with the Britain at this difficult moment, he expressed sadness over the terror attack on the UK’s house of democracy.

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