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What if a place exists in which cat lovers can go and cuddle with lots of “Cat’s”…. yup a place like that really lies around   Tashirojima …. A “Cat Island” surrounded by Pacific Ocean in Ishiinomaki, Miyagi, Japan, Known as “Tashirojima”. It’s a small island where you can find a massive amount of cats; furthermore locals build a small “Cat shrine”, known as Neko-jinja in the middle of the island.


It’s weird I know but its true….. This place has lots of cats with different-different breeds. No matter wherever you go in the island you will found cat’s wondering around your feet. When I first heard about it I was soooo… excited and really….really had a desired to go there and play with them (I’m also excited right now while writing about them). It’s hard to swallow but in the island cat’s population is more then human population. Those are black, white, brown and even more. You can’t imagine how much I wanna go there and grab them in my arm….


Now right back to the matter… If we look at the history of “Tashirojima”, in 2011, the island was hit by the Tohoku Tsunami.  And there was great damage to some areas of the island because of that disaster, but the feline population prodigiously survived relatively intact. And when i peeked in further back…I found In Japan’s late Edo Period much of the island people raised silk-worms for their textiles. The residents kept cats to chase the mice away from their precious silk-worms. Overtime, this cat population left un-neutered began to grow immensely while the human population dwindled down to fewer than 100 residents. As of today, the feral cat population outnumbers humans 6 to 1 on this small Japanese Island.



Well… I am a huge fan of cats, so whenever I see a cat or kitten pics. I always thought…..

“How wonderful it will be if I am surrounded by all of them……”,

“Wooooww……..How cuteeee………” Or

“I wanna them….. Next time I will have them for sure”.

I am also a cat love. And here it is a whole island of cats.

Oohhh….yaa! We are talking about “Cat Island”. The residents and thousands of tourists who flock to Tashirojima every year do not mind being outnumbered by their feline friends (I don’t mind either). In Japanese culture, the cat is considered a good luck charm, said to bring money and good fortune to all who cross their path. Some even claim that it was the cats who kept the majority of the island from being destroyed during the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

You can say it’s a paradise for cat lover, I know you want to go and visit that “Paradise”, right? Then let’s go visit it together.

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  1. Bellissima la spiegazione della polvere. Prova assoluta. Non ho ben capito la spiegazione della telecamera manovrata da terra via radio, considerato che ci vuole un secondo e mezzo circa per il segnale da luna a terra. Ergo l&rot;3pe#a9ore da terra quando ha ordinato alla cam di alzarsi, era in ritardo di 3 secondi. Dove sbaglio ?

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