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The Taos Hum- an irritating low frequency sounds around the Taos, New Mexico which draws the attention of every individual who hears it.


This article presents according to a scientific research by Joe Mullins and Jim Kelly of the University of New Mexico which is published on the 22 November 1995.

There have been constant complaints of an irritating and head panic low frequency sounds not only in the USA but in the other countries as well. But if we talk about Taos, the group of “hearers” in Taos has been especially straight about it. And there was a request for an investigation because of the attention they got from the New Mexico congressional delegation in 1993 they got the attention of the.


Well, there are some attributes which can describe The Taos Hum in the best way. First, the hum is selective and only a small group of Taos residents understand it, another one is hum is continual since the most hearers make out it on a weekly basis, there’s even more which makes it out of place and that is the source of the hum should have to be widespread because hearers feel it throughout the whole Taos area furthermore entire


country describe a same kind of phenomenon, the another attribute is the hum is always described as low in frequency and reminiscent of a distant pump, an idling diesel truck, or like someone’s high powered audio bass running amuck.

According to the Hearers who are musicians- the hum is a modulated tone near Eb (41 Hz). And others hearers with some technical background says it is an amplitude modulated sound with a carrier frequency ranging from 30 to 80 Hz.

US Navy ELF stations in the Michigan peninsula and in Wisconsin but they didn’t found anything satisfactory explanation or even entirely acceptable explanation and as a result, it’s still remaining as a mystery.


Believe me guys, I heard it too on YouTube when I first hear about it, and it’s really… really annoying, go and try to hear it I guarantee you will get an irritated to within 2 min(its maximum, but if you are into it then maybe you will listen this mysterious sound longer than I assumed)…

Just try once to hear it…, and tell me what you think along with your next topic you want to hear…..


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