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Because of the UP ATS an ISIS-inspired module recently came in the light, According to the information cops got ISIS wanted to eliminate three Shia religious leaders in the state, cops say.
The top targets of an ISIS-linked terror module are supposed to be the Shia religious leaders, establishments and bodies of Islamic education organization in the state were uncovered by the Uttar Pradesh anti-terrorism squad (ATS).

Investigators say that the self-radicalized group wanted to slug Lucknow’s three Muslim clerics who had despised ISIS ideology baldly. The story was, both Sufi and Shia clergy from the city had opposed pro-ISIS beliefs in front of media and people as well.

And all of that information comes out from a diary and documents which are seized from their rented house in Haji colony in Lucknow. The officials claim is that the terrorists had done a research on daily routines of all three Muslim leaders and were also following their routes to carry out their attack plan.
Haji colony rented house is the same place where’s Saifullah was gunned down by cops in an encounter this month in Lucknow. And according to police claimed, they were trying to set up an ISIS-inspired terror module of Khorasan, the branch of Islamic State based in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region.
Historical Monument TAJ MAHAL possibly is Target:

For encrypted communication, the jihadis operated several channels, especially by the Al Qaeda and ISIS. Just after a week of UP ATS (Anti-terrorism squad), there were a warning of attacks in India by a pro-Islamic media group with a graphic depicture of a Taj Mahal in Agra as a possible target of terrorist.
On the March 14, the graphic was posted on a channel of Telegram by the Ahwaal Ummat, Media Center. The graphic figures show a fighter in combat fatigues and a black headgear armed with an assault rifle along with a rocket-propelled grenade facing the 17th century beautiful and historical monument in Agra.
And in other graphic features, there was another image of the Taj Mahal within cross beam with the words ‘new target’ sculpted below it. And another image showed a van with the Arabic text Agra istishhadi (Agra martyrdom-seeker), indicating a suicide attack.


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