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Because everybody is captivated by Smartphone, nobody individually experience like an addict.Digital

We’re stacked to Digital  technology and According to research; the average person check phone every six minutes (150 times a day). We’re doing more than simply checking in; a Pew Research Study shows that younger Americans send a enormous 110 texts per day. Considering we’re awake an average of 16 hours a day, that’s a lot of tech time before we even think about what we do on our computers, tablets and TVs.

Perhaps the most informative statistic comes from the University of Maryland, where researchers twisted a “World Unplugged” project straddling 10 countries. Through the course of their research, they found that college students experienced symptoms consistent with addiction when deprived of their Smartphone for 24 hours. They used adjectives such as “itchy,” “sad,” “lonely,” “depressed,” “desperate” and even “dead” to describe the anxiety of being incise off.


We’re increasing an addiction to technology and that this addiction is leading to psychologically and seAre you addicted to your smartphone?

Think about the last time when  you went to dinner, either for business or pleasure. Were you engaged in conversation with your partner, or were you both guilty of keeping your phones on the table, instinctively listening for that stool pigeon buzz or watching to see how your latest tweet was trending? Maybe you stopped yourself from continuously checking your device while they kept at it, making the incident less enjoyable for you. Maybe it was the other way around. Regardless, the most appropriate question here is: are you a slave to the device that was made-up to make your life easier and give you more lack of restrictions


For both entrepreneurs and employees, take our business with us wherever we go. On the other hand, smart phones and other forms of technology are a bit of a double-edged sword, this is right problem. We need to get few breaks from work stress. We’re frequently obligated to answer emails, comment on social media and complete other work-related tasks.

It’s time to take care of our digital health and make human interaction and self-care priorities for eternal peace.


DEVELOP DIGITAL DETOX NOW                                                

  • Take a few moments to stay behind over a newspaper or a book.
  • Prepare breakfast. Sit down and get pleasure from these things.
  • Be attentive and Listen to an audio book.
  • Listen to that ancient device called the radio. They have news, weather, music and sports on that thing.

Take a shower or bath. You know, clean your body. The experience is reviving.

For many of us, phones are the very last thing we see at night, and the very first thing we reach for in the morning. Part of the detox is making simple swaps – for example, did you think that instead of reaching for your phone first thing, reach for a loved one, your dog or a cup of coffee. To avoid morning enticement buys an alarm clock so you may turn your phone off at night. At the very least, turn the sound down or put it on airplane mode, so it doesn’t wake you up with notifications.


Here’s an idea. Wait at least 30-60 minutes before you turn the phone back on after waking up. What might you do instead?

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