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The Sterilizing Spray, latest invention by science. This is a spray-on the unseen thin glass coating that sterilizes, protects as well as strengthens surfaces and this invisible coating also will repel water, dirt, stains, mildew, fungus, bacteria and viruses.


At Saarbrücken Institute a new invention comes on forth for the Turkey’s New Materials and patented by Nanopool GmbH Germany, A liquid coating, which is a flexible and breathable spray-on glass film.

This glass film has the multiple applications and uses in numerous fields and its approximately 100 nanometers thick in general word it’s 500 times thinner than a human hair (if it that much thick then it will become invisible automatically moreover it’s a glass film… it’s obvious why it can’t be seen easily.)

This new invention is a Winner of the Green Apple Award so it’s obviously the coating is environmentally friendly.

It’s able to any surface very easy to clean as well as enable keep them safe from anti-microbes and all that takes only a few seconds. It is also winning the Award of the NHS Smart Solutions.

SiO2 ultra-thin layering its a given name for The special glass coating, practically it will protect any surface from water, UV radiation, dirt, heat, acid, stains, mildew, fungus. bacteria and viruses.

In the Trials by food processing plants in Germany, it’s concluded that just with some hot water, surfaces coated with liquid glass can bring a fabulous result in cleaning; in fact, it can provide higher levels of sterility than surfaces cleaned by bleach or other chemicals.


Well… Neil McClelland, the UK Project Manager for Nanopool GmbH, describes the project results as “stunning” but according to his statement about project, I don’t think he have much confident toward the sio2 ultra-thin layering, he said- Items such as the stents can be coated along with creating anti-sticking features, Catheters and sutures and those are a source of infection that’s will also cease to be problematic,”

Let’s see how much good this new invention turns out to be…..

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