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A new podcast which is dwell into the stories, and the people, behind the creation of the sounds with encouraging listeners to be more aware of this sense are examine the everyday sounds as well as some unusual ones too like the satisfying click of your car door, the sudden boom in your favorite action movie, and the horn voices of the streets.Podcast


In a recent podcast, listeners start up travel from Mercury to Pluto, and through that, they learn how sound waves would change from planet to planets. NASA scientists, who present at the podcast explained that sound, wouldn’t be capable of moving via the vacuum of space. But on Venus, for instance, the carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere would be so thick that if any humans could go to the planet and try to listen to its storms, they can only hear the sound of muffling. And on the Red Planet, the Mars atmosphere is thinner than Earth atmosphere, so there would be barely any molecules for sound to move, scientists explained.


Dallas Taylor, a sound designer and hosted the podcast for each 15 minutes, told- We spend so much time thinking about what we see and figuring what we see more pleasant, like, the color of our car, carpets, our houses or the aesthetic of a desk, or lamp. But when it comes to the sound, we always think it as being prominent music only with ignoring all of the other things. So the purpose of the show is to introduce people to the information and stories that will ultimately increase their experience with sound in their world.


About the Future Podcasts:-

In the future episodes, Taylor wants to talk about Foley artists, who reproduce everyday background sounds for films and TV shows. Without these artists recording, there will be no sound of swishing of clothing or footsteps, in other word movies would become quiet and unnatural (without the proper sounds there will be no real entertainment in movies). Taylor informs that other episodes will also uncover, how mammals, like dolphins, communicate underwater, and how the hearing loss slowly starts at the high frequency and is unnoticeable till it has progressed to a wider range of the sounds.


Moreover, Taylor said- I want everyone from the age of 3 to 90 to be able to identify with the show. There will be more than 200 ideas for the upcoming podcast. New episodes will air on every other Tuesday, people can catch the show on iTunes or any other podcast app they are familiar with.



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