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A nine dominant group of Democratic Senators came on urged to President Donald Trump to not let a Canadian company use the steel which is made in other country and as well as not to import it from the foreign country, especially from India and Italy, in the trans-national multibillion controversial Keystone oil pipeline. Base on the report from Washington.


According to a copy which was released to the press on Thursday, the nine Democratic Senators wrote in their joint letter to Trump-


Your memorandum clearly covers new and extended pipeline projects so it makes us confused and disappointed when we learn that the Keystone XL pipeline would not be required to use 100 % American-made steel. Moreover they add- Furthermore, we are deeply concerned that through allowing this Canadian firm to use foreign steel from countries like India and Italy, that have a history of dumping steel products in the US market at unfair and illegal prices, you are constituting an example that will have the effect of costing US jobs and decaying the spirit of your Presidential Memorandum.


For make sure that American people jobs protected, Democratic lawmakers Led by Senators Chris Van Hollen and Tammy Duckworth urged Trump that all new pipelines of Keystone pipeline are constructed and maintained by American made products and equipment too.


The signatories who wrote the letter along with Chris Van Hollen and Tammy Duckworth are Robert Menendez, Cory A. Booker, Thomas R. Carper, Christopher S. Murphy, Gary C. Peters, Joe Donnelly, Claire McCaskill, Debbie Stabenow, and Al Franken.

What Memorandum says:-

The Memorandum Senators mention in their letter is came up from the Presidential Memorandum to the Secretary of Commerce directing the Secretary, which is issued on January 24 by President Trump and according to it- Development of a plan, and under that plan all new pipelines along with the retrofitted, expanded pipelines, or repaired pipelines inside the US borders, as well as including portions of pipelines, use materials and equipment which is produced in the US, to the maximum extent possible and to the expanded permitted by law.

Though, President Trump has exempted Keystone pipeline from this Presidential Memorandum.


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