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I know you are holding a lot in your facile heart,

With, bearing so much on your small shoulders,


Without saying anyone anything, aren’t you?

Always trying to show everyone your broad smile,

So you can hide your crying and shouting face,

In the dark corner of your heart, far from everyone,


Where no one can enter, not even your bright side,

But how long are you going to keep this up,

I know, even if you tried to cover it with your cheerful smile,

You have the scars which are never heal until now.


But you have to sit up from that cursed corner,

So you can walk towards the warm shining happy light,


Because it’s time, so let it heal now.

Don’t scrape yourself; it’s hurt, isn’t it?

Don’t say it’s not because it’s hurting me,

And you are none other than the part of me,

I am the one who builds you, and I am sorry,


But don’t worry, I promise I will bring you out,

From that black scary corner of my heart,

I will light it up, no matter what, just wait for me,

But please don’t turn yourself on my face, don’t hate me,


Because you are the key of your barriers,

Which you put around you, and  don’t let me enter,

And for that, I need you to save both of us,

Now, come out, you don’t have to bear it anymore,

Don’t depend on those scars to overcome your pain,

Try to look at the brightness of your heart,


Let out the tears you holds,

And feel the people you have,

I know, you have the scars which are never heal until now,

But, its time so let it heal now.


You don’t have to bear it anymore,

Come out and shout for once- I had enough,

I am here for you, so let it heal now.


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