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With the help of technology, even impossible things are possible now’s day and a pizzeria in Multan (Pakistan), “”, which has a robot waitress, is a one of the great examples of that fact…… These robots are very common in China and US, but for the first time in Pakistan such a ROBOTIC WAITRESS has been introduced, to greet and serve the customers.

At, the robot will greet you, welcomes you as well as happily serves you…. Those robots become the main attraction of crowd more than the pizza.


Well… the main question is how this idea popped up out of nowhere?


Don’t worry there’s an answer for that question…. It was originally generated and developed by Syed Usama Aziz (23), the son of’s owner. You can say he was too much into technology and technical stuff also is an electric engineer. Because he has an intense interest in robotics, he thought- why don’t he develop something for his father? And just like that, the idea of robot waitress popped up. Usama wants to go abroad for studying robotics too much after completing his graduation from NUST Islamabad in 2015, but contrary his father asked him to learn the same in Pakistan itself and prove his worth and as a result he failed to convince his parents then he decided to stay back and develop a robot there by himself because he knew that importing machines from other countries would be very costly. It took whole 8 months and 4, 00,000 Pakistani Ruppe ( Rs 2.5 lac India rupee) of Usama to come in frame….inspiring, isn’t it?


And if we talk about robot waitress then the weight is 25kgs and capable of carrying around 5 kg food as well as its smart enough and enable to detect obstacles too. Syed took this inspiration from China because china’s restaurants make use of robots rather than humans. The main idea behind a female body is to maintain a proper balance. A rechargeable battery for 13 hours (In one shot) is enough for it and that will last long for around 10 years. The only drawback those robotic waitresses have is that they Are not trained to take the order but soon this problem will be resolved by enhancing this function.


Right now the robot is in their testing phase and if everything works out well then soon other branches will also have their robot waitress too.

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