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If you like to travel far around the corners of the world and wants to do adventure you only had seen in movies then you must go to the Huashan Mountain – The Road to the Heaven, I know it’s hard to believe when you heard the name but me there is a road which can rise every inch of your hair, but the adventures love still come here and travel trough the road of heaven.

Don’t make efforts to imagine, you won’t go to heaven if you can able to walk safely to the end, instead of the heaven those stairs take you to the top of the Huashah Mountain. The mountain has five topping with each of them contain a religious structure; there’s also the different ways for arriving at each topping.

In every year thousands of people take a courage to cross the most dangerous road in the entire world and with each step they take the risk to put their lives at risk so they can test how far they can go and reach the famous teahouse in the top of the mountain, which is the reward for the adventures and it can be seen as a goal, they are trying so hard for (for most of the adventures).


The so famous Mount Huashan is situated in Huayin, which is the part of the Shaanxi province and the nearest city, Xi’an, is 120 kilometers away from it. Since the 2nd century BCE, Mt. Huashan has been a place of religious importance and ever since a Taoist temple was established at its base pilgrims, monks and nuns have habitable the mountain and its surrounding area and a web of dangerous and high-pitched trails allow them to access the mountain’s five summits, and each has a religious structure such as like the tea house on the southern summit. The teahouse (with an altitude of 2,160 meters) situated on the south side and on the top of the mountain Huashan.


The sheer cliffs and plunging ravines of Huashan Mountain play their own part to make it famous too. It’s the most dangerous and deadly mountain in the world. It’s often called by hikers- The most high-pitched mountain in entire world under the heaven.

A Mountain made up through the five peaks or rather says five summits: The first one is Cloud Terrace Peak, a North Peak around 1614m, second is Jade Maiden Peak, a Middle Peak approx 2042m, third is Sunrise Peak, an East Peak around 2100m, fourth is Lotus Peak, a West Peak approximately 2083m, and the fourth peak is Landing Wild Goose Peak, a South Peak around the 2155m.


And the route to climb is much more difficult than you imagine and if you thinking about climbing on top of the pick then be prepared, it can shake your desire and heart as well. The lowest summit from all of the five summits is North Peak and it’s the starting points of all summits, there are three ways to get there- first the six-kilometer winding track from the Huashan village and the cable car or you can take the path beneath it.


The next summit on the route is Jade Maiden Peak. According to the Legend, a jade maiden was once seen riding on a white horse among those mountains and just like that the peak got its name. And if you want to go there then you can choose to take a left to Sunrise Peak, a perfect place to enjoy the sunrise (it’s also involved climbing the mountain in the dark and there is nowhere to stay on the mountain) or you can take right to lotus peak.


And now about the highest and most-dangerous South Summit, there is a gondola which will take you across a steep valley of Landing Wild goose peak. It’s highest among all of the five summits, but before you reach to the peak you have to take risk of fatal falls because the way of the summit includes a foot-wide plank walkway fixed to a fine rock face with only a chain along the rock which will support in your traveling and the road continues with the footholds in rock, the journey hold on with a vertical ladder cleft in the rock and then finally there are steep stone steps.


And if you take my suggestion, the route of South Peak is a deadly way which is become a reason for so many fatal falls and 0fcourse it’s absolutely not a trip the faint-hearted people should take and in winter it’s become more dangerous than before. Though, the views sure are fascinating.

On a map, the Huashan mountain chain looks like a flower, and when you look at five summits together, these five summits take a shape of a flower points.

The first habitants of the mountain region practiced asceticism and a cup of tea was accomplished them in their daily meditation and after decades the temple became a tearoom for thousands of visitors who came here.

But to enjoy the tea of the tearoom and in the tearoom of the mountain Huashan you have to go through the lots of dangerous you will face in the middle of the scary and risky path of the mountain, it’s human nature if the thing is hard to get they want to get it in anyhow, no matter how much they have to struggle for it, and just because of this nature lot of people walk on the thriller and the unsafe path to reach to the top of the mountain so they can enjoy the tea of teahouse as a reward. And the well famous way to reach the mountain top starts with a lot of huge stairs, known as The Heavenly Stairs.


And through the name the first impression we get about the stair, is that the stairs lead to the heaven, and its make you feel like climbing towards the clouds being unable to see where the stairs will end and when you start travelling you’ll see houses and even small villages on your way to the top. But your adventurous road doesn’t end here; you have to walk even more when you successfully pass the stairs a gondola will help you to arrive at the teahouse.

Because of the recent inflow of visitors, the path has been reinforced (and it should be), but they are still dangerous, and carry its popularity for the deadly falls. And through the information, it’s said that the number of those deadly falls is can be as much as about 100 falls a year. Albeit no official statistics are kept about those fatal falls. There’s still some more dangerous lie ahead in your path and those parts of the trails even have their names such as like Thousand-Foot Precipice, Hundred-Foot Crevice, and Black Dragon Ridge.

Well, I don’t know those data keep you from go there or bind your excitement you get from thinking about adventure but I have to say –

Please be careful, if you go there, your life is so much valuable than any adventure

But, if you like adventures too much, then it’s a whole different matter and in that place I have to say – you don’t have to be scared to take a steps upwards on the stairs, because it’s the most and only passable part of the journey you have started to reach the top of the mountain. Once you get on the top of the southern side of the mountain you will found the teahouse but for enjoying the test of the tea of teahouse you have to walk through the most dangerous routes in the world. This risky path is made of thin planks which are fixed in the mountain and for keeping your balance you must have to hang onto chains and those are the nailed in stone and keep in mind there’s nothing else which can keep you safe from deadly fall and if that wasn’t enough then you’ll have to climb on a chain and dug out the holes with your feet to keep your balance. I think you can image it by yourself.


Despite the dangerous, the surrounding area of the route is captivating as well as mountain scenery too. The Mount Huashan is placed in the city of Huayin and it’s considered as the 3000-year-old cradle of Chinese culture along with the place of the famous army- Terracotta Warriors Army.

And the Terracotta Army is an assemblage of the terracotta statues representing the armies of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. Those sculptures were buried with the emperor in 210–209 BCE so they can protect the emperor in his afterlife. All statues are good examples of funerary art.

But I can’t believe, they really think about the afterlife and furthermore they trust that they can make efforts to protect a person in his afterlife, I mean how can anyone protect a person who’s already dead, and if their only a matter of belief then I can understand because there are so many people wondering around the world who believe in afterlife thesis but that’s not the matter here, they even buried the sculptures of the whole army, official and there’s even more along with the emperor, so he can be protected and at ease afterlife, and for its really hard to think that it can be real. But it’s better for us if we won’t oppose it because we don’t know the story behind it or nor their culture.

The Terracotta warrior’s army was sought in 1974 by local farmers in Lintong District, Xi’an, in the Shaanxi province. The figures and the dating are around from the late third century BCE. The figures is differentiated through the height according to their roles, for example, the tallest being the generals. The figures include the warriors, chariots, and horses. According to the 2007 analysis, there were the three pits which contain more than 8,000 soldiers, and 130 chariots along with 520 horses and with the 150 cavalry horses, it’s the majority of those which remained buried in the pits nearby the emperor, Qin Shi Huang’s mausoleum and the other terracotta non-military statues were found in other pits, its include officials, acrobats, strongmen and musicians including.

Let’s continue with the road of the heavens along with the tearoom on the top of the Mountain Huashan. If you look around while standing at the top of the peak, you will find there are heartwarming greenery on entire surrounding landscapes and not only that if you look downward the Yellow River running far below and everything seems so small like a flies flying around on the land far below. A legend says that the wild geese coming back from the south frequently landed on the South Peak and because of this legend the area also known as Landing Wild Geese Peak.

On the top of the South summit, two attractive resorts situated- the Black Dragon Pool on the peak and the Greeting Pines on the southwestern cliff. And at each side of the summits there are two other peaks placed, the Songhui Peak (Pine and Juniper Peak) on the east side and the Xiaozi Peak (Filial Son Peak) on the west and including the Landing Wild Geese Peak, those three summits form a picture of a Titan sitting on a chair. The Plank Road count as the most dangerous place, a plank road built with the side of a vertical cliff, 1 foot wide (around 0.3 meters) and bottomless gulf below the visitor’s foot shake them with fear. The Taoist temple of Landing Wild Geese Peak considered as the host temple of Deity Shaohao and also known as Baidi Temple or Jintian Palace.

The climb to the summit proved how the impenetrable mountain kept safe from attackers over the centuries and I think the tea you will get at the end of the journey must be amazing to deserve for such a long, deadly and dangerous climb.

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