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Directed by F. Javier Gutierrez an American supernatural psychological horror film, Rings (2017) is the third film in The Ring series also takes place thirteen years after The Ring (2002).  The film was released in the United States on February 3, 2017.


Passengers Carter and Kelly find out on an airplane bound for Seattle, that they both had watched the cursed videotape, Samara Morgan’s and with that they realize that their seven-day deadline is over. The airplane malfunctions and eventually causes the plane crash, it’s all happens just as the curse says.


Two years later, an old VCR once owned by one of the passengers purchase by Gabriel a college professor and he discovers a videotape of it. Elsewhere, Julia sees Holt, her boyfriend off to the college, but after a few minutes a panicked girl, Skye, contacts her becomes and ask “where’s Holt right now” and with that Julia become concerned when Holt falls out of contact. She wants to find him no matter what. Through the situation Julia meets Gabriel and follows him to a private area of the college where she finds a group of people known as “The Sevens”, are involved in an experiment including the cursed video, watching and filming them.


Rings  And there Julia recognizes Skye, the one who takes her to her apartment and let her watch the video, but Holt contacts warn Julia not to go there. With the shock and fear, Julia locks herself in the bathroom meanwhile Skye is murdered by Samara. After a short while, Holt arrives at that horrible place. Holding a strong will not wanting to let Holt die, Julia finally watches the video and experience a vision of a door with that a mark is burnt on her hand. Turning to Gabriel for ask help, he notices Julia’s copy of the video is larger than normal. She saw it and discovers a new footage hinting at the fate of Samara’s body.

Rings (2017) 


What will happen to her, does Holt will survive and can Gabriel will able to help her? Will they able to escape from their fate……?

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