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The film goes back to the time before independence. Rangoon film set on war-romance genre. There was drastic movement at that time. Mahatma Gandhi chooses ahinsa to get freedom; meanwhile, Subhash Chandra Bose was the force behind the Indian National Army that got on the front foot to boot the enemy out. Even among that strife, Julia (Kangana), the elegant actress who can allure any heart. Her married producer Russi Billimoria (Saif) is besotted on her and as well as at the border, Jamadar Nawab Malik (Shahid) loves her to death.


In short Rangoon is a triangular love story against the backdrop of war. And a canvas is huge enough. If we talk about cinematography then Pankaj Kumar’s cinematography is admirable. Movie has some naach-gaana in it… just like other movies. Ohhh and also it have good measure of romance as well but without having any fire. There also some infiltrator angle that allows for intrigue. Bhardwaj, whose repertoire includes truly-fine works like Omkara, Maqbool, and Haider delivers, but not all entirely. Some of the frames just hang, and some scenes are really tedious. He try  to pack in too much on war, love and deceit.,


The film was directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, and movie star cast is Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut. Also you have to sit for 2 hours 47 minutes in front of the screen for see the whole movie. This movie fit into drama Genre.


Well… The movie report is quite interesting. Some of people are very looking forward to see this whole love-triangle drama series. And if you ask me honestly then I would say it’s really give an expression to see what is the whole movie about and how did it will be turn out, no matter if it can be reach your expectation or not. I am quite interested myself too. I think you should see it even for once.

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