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I used to think no one can dare to turn down the invitation of Queen Elizabeth of England but I was wrong the Queen invitation can be turn down when you have already promised schedule for the same day and time….” Yes, it’s really happened…”

Queen Elizabeth

Well it’s not too often for Queen Elizabeth of England, Elizabeth II to sends out invitations to people to join her at the Buckingham Palace for cultural events. And it’s really rare to turn it down when such invitation comes in the mail. But still it happens if you hold on to your values about promises just like Bollywood megastar, Amitabh Bachchan.

It has been reported that the Queen extended a rare invitation to the actor, who is arguably one of India’s biggest cultural icons, to the United Kingdom–India Cultural Year reception at the Palace. However, the invite was politely turned down by the star citing a “pre-scheduled commitments” as the reason behind giving the gala a miss.
Queen Elizabeth
And Bachchan was truly “honored” to have received the invite, but his packed shooting and promotional schedules doesn’t allowing him to be the part of such great party and have time to go to the England and have a honour to meet her majesty personally. Apart from shooting for Vijay Krishna Acharya’s ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ with Aamir Khan and Gaurang Doshi’s ‘Aankhen 2’, Amitabh will also be launching the trailer of Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Sarkar 3’. He also has a number of film projects in the pipeline including Ayan Mukerji’s superhero film.

I really admire Amitabh morals and their dedication for ttheir moral’s… seriously it’s rare to see that kind of personality and the personality like that hold’s it own grace in it self.

Ahh……! But Bachchan sir lost their chance to go and visit the Buckingham Palace personally especially when they invited by Queen herself.


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