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One day, while sitting on the rough stone beside the river of my hometown, I though isn’t it good if I have the power to sense others people emotions, if I have I could find out are they happy or ready to busted with anger, they are just faking or really smiling from their hurt, are they enjoying their daily life or just doing thing because they have to do, if I can sense that then maybe I can help them or others. But in the blink of movement, my thought just came to the ground as fast as they rise from deep down of my heart.


Isn’t it weird if we sense something strange or abnormal we denied it in no time? With saying:

No way, it can’t be real it could be just my imagination,

Or maybe we just said to ourselves:

Don’t be silly, it’s not possible,

Or like

How stupid, what am I thinking,

Even sometimes assumes we are having illusions because we are sick, we always denied every possible thought of having psychic power. Despite all of that, we know somewhere in our heart that it’s real and maybe some of us have it all along from the start and perfectly able to control it.

I know I am not different from other, in the deep corner of my hearts there’s also a denial resides along with the acceptation for it, but right now, I want to uncover the truth, and maybe it takes some time but I will bring the truth in the light and lay off every layer which is covering the reality behind it.


Well, I will share with you what I have found until now…

Psychic Powers: –

There are many kinds of psychic powers or gifts reside in people, which described as a Psychic power, as they are often known as god gifted (We denied them by calling illusion). ESP is another term known as – extra-sensory perception.

Psychic powers, what I found up to now:-

  • The first one is Clairvoyance (clear vision), in which power holder able to See from far away scenes as well as places or even the hidden things, and they don’t have to use their physical eyes. In other words, Clairvoyance helps one to see scenes and the mental images with the mind’s eye.
  • The second one is Clairaudience (clear hearing) in through this one can hear sounds or words from a distant or from the other terrain. Just like the clear vision, Clairaudience makes one able to hear words and sounds which are can’t be heard by the physical ears.


  • The third one is Clairempathy (clear emotion), and with it, power holder can Sense another person attitude or emotions.


  • Another ability Psychometry helps one to get information about a person, place or an object, through just holding in one’s hands an object belonging to the person or place. You can say, one just needs to hold some small personal object like a watch, ring, key or another object of person.

  • In the Psychokinesis ability, power holder able to move objects just with the powers of his mind.


  • Intuition is the well-known ability also usually called ‘a gut feeling’ in that you can perceive an idea, knowledge or information directly; it’s some kind of inner knowledge and certainty about something.

  • Telepathy helps one to read other people thoughts and as well as send them ones thought.


  • Through the Mental influence, one allows to influencing the mind of other people. Mental influence is an advanced kind of telepathy.

  • Psychic healing is the most favorable ability and through the help of this, one can cure pains or illnesses by transferring the healing energy.

  • And Auric sight, you can say it’s like a divine power or ability which makes one able to sense the colors of the aura, and because of that, they can understand certain things about the moods, emotions, even thoughts or health of other people’s.

Well, you can see, the list of the psychic powers is quite long, but not complete, it’s all up to you, that, you want to believe on those or not…….


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