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“Everybody must get their own bad habits, it is just the matter of how big or small they are. If I need to choose one bad habit that affects my daily life significantly, I would say procrastination as my most annoying bad habit.”


What does procrastination stand for? Is it the conventional implication of laziness? And this word, “procrastinate” has over time become irritating and insulting. Also the newest generation (our generation), has been repeatedly and unwillingly slapped in the face with this term. We have become couch potato just because of this mediocre habit of procrastination.


But one remarkable thing is, we want to become talk of the town –a hot potato

We want to become incisive to accomplish our ambitions but we have hesitation to postpone the procrastination. We have to delay the procrastination. Can we do this? Yes we can. You have to get affectionate towards your ambitions .This affinity will accomplish your ambition .We the millennial have habit to delay task not procrastination and due to this our ambitions get delayed. We defend this mediocrity. Philosopher says procrastination is the thief of time. We have to chock the path of procrastination to touch the pinnacle of success.


Say to yourself we are protagonist not procrastinator

.We the millennial, protagonist of innovations, will beat the procrastination.  We do now not later, just go with your gut – explore your enormous potential, cover yourself with the glory of success. We know the trick of trends to accomplish our ambition.  We are ready to roll the series of great fortune. We will blossom with eternal sunshine. We will postponed the procrastination.


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