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According to what I heard from news PM Narendra Modi‘s will visit Israel in July. It’s going to be the first visit in history by an Indian Prime Minister and will not see him traveling to Palestine, it’s all because of an emphasized the decision of the “de-hyphenation” of India’s relations with the two West Asian states.


The former Prime Minister of India always avoids the public displays of their visits while Modi’s takes a significant step in openly embracing a relationship. From what I heard, it’s contrary to our expectations that Modi would include Palestine in his procedure too so in another word according to news he will only travel to Israel.

Well… it’s not like our president doesn’t want to keep good relation with the Palestinian, contrary India will become the host for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas before Modi will set off for Israel. Palestinian ambassador to India Adnan Abu Alhaija is quite happy for their President visit (It should we that way, if not then that will be weird), they said in an interview- Mr. Modi won’t visit Palestine on this occasion. Inshallah, our President will be here this year.

The politic attempt to ties with the two states has seen as India’s setting up a joint commission co-chaired by a minister of state for external affairs M J Akbar. It expected that it will lead to the setting up of a tech park in Ramallah. Tel Aviv was informed that a visit to Israel wasn’t a necessity, during the Akbar’s visit to Palestine last year.


While Modi is coming back to India from the G20 summit in Hamburg in the second week of July, it was expected that during his way back he will pay a visit Israel. The government has trust that this visit would further underscore the significance of India’s especial ties with the Jewish nation and it’s let the two countries mark the 25th anniversary of full diplomatic relations.

Israel’s ambassador to India Daniel Carmon said that- more activities between the two nations was happening because of the high visibility to ties, from admitting the fact that Modi and current government of India have been much more open about New Delhi’s engagement with Tel Aviv,

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