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PHILLAURI STORY Line: Kanan inadvertently marries a ghost, Shashi, while carring out pre-wedding rituals to get rid of bad luck. But by luck would have it, Shashi sticks around and twists into his agony aunt.




PHILLAURI REVIEW: Nothing is spine-chilling than falling in love and having the ghosts of your reminiscences together haunt you. But Kanan (Suraj Sharma) is practicing a haunting of a more definite kind. He isn’t worried by memories of a former lover, but by genuine ghost-in-love from another era.

Kanan ties the knot a tree to ward off back luck before his wedding, and the tree turns out to be the latent place of Shashi (Anushka Sharma), who lived and loved there almost a hundred years ago. As a result of this marriage, Shashi is bound to Kanan, who must shape out a way to take care of the incomplete business that’s causing her to remain around.

Theoretically, Phillauri is a victor and that much was manifest from the trailer. The idea is excellently original, ethnically on point and has great prospective. The problem is, you only get what you see in the trailer, nothing more (and luckily nothing less). The entertaining, exciting one-line plot expands into a two-and-a-half hour film that is full of romantic-movie tropes.

The invisibility of the ghost can only get so a lot of laughs; the storyline shifts between Shashi’s past and Kanan’s present seem unexpected; the emotional songs pacify the ears but get nervous your eyes by adding to the runtime, and most notably, Shashi’s story (the emotional core of the film) is mainly prescribed.


The actors flounce in and carry the film, though. With his body language and voice modulation, Suraj Sharma pins the puzzled -purposeless millennial and lightens the mood. Mehreen Pirzada’s unable to help and hopelessly-in-love Anu is endearing. Diljit Dosanjh brings his trade name decency to a rather bland role. And as the transparent ghost, Anushka delivers a solid performance with a unusual mix of gloomyness and humor. In short It is onetime watch movie.

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