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Mood rings were one of the most heart pounding things about the 90s. Famous pieces of jewelry that can guess how are you feeling right now? Amazing, right? And Now thanks to British witch Lauren Bowker, we’re getting the new enchanting 2017 version of that genius 90s staple: The color-changing “mood” hair dye. It’s really exciting to see the changing color of our hair with our mood.


According to the information the semi-permanent dye made waves earlier this month after it debuted at London Fashion Week. And that rumor dye, called FIRE, its reacts to air and body temperature — so if your blood is boiling, then your hair color can now reflect it and your hair turn from black to red as temperatures rise, and another changes hair is when temperatures fall below 60 degrees it will turn from platinum blonde to blue. There are even more if we believe in what reported then there are seven different color-changing dyes to choose from.


No matter what you say it’s pretty magical, isn’t it? It’s like being a part of a magic land.

Well… The inventor of this revolution is Bowker, a 31-year-old designer, told Dazed she has “always been into the occults and into mixing stuff”. Its look magical but her products are all backed by science.

Before the changing dye hair color she created several mood ring-like inventions under her design brand T H E U N S E E N, including a Swarovski gemstone headpiece  and that claims to change color according to brain activity, also a jacket that changes colors in response to pollution levels.


For me she sound like a which who invent so many magical potion with different-different ingredient holding a stick in her hand and a owl is flying around her big black triangular hat. It’s really sound interesting and while I imagine it I really want to go there and see her.




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