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Mr. Tillerson Got reply he never expected from Mr Donald Trump.

North Korea

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said :The US is in ‘direct contact’ with North Korea. Mr Tillerson said Washington was ‘probing’ the opportunity of talks with Pyongyang, ‘so stay tuned’.
North Korea Tillerson Donald TrumpWe have lines of connections to Pyongyang,’ he said during a trip to China. We are not in a dark situation.
In reply of this The United States President Donald Trump said bargaining with North Korea over its nuclear program would be a waste of time after it appeared that Washington had channels of contact with Pyongyang.


“I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man,” Mr Trump  also wrote on Twitter on Sunday, referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Mr Trump’s tweets undermining his secretary of state come after Mr Tillerson revealed he’s been “back channelling” North Korea — or sending messages via non-conventional routes — to get them to the negotiating table and “calm things down”.

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North Korea and the US have engaged in heated rhetoric in recent months. But it was not previously known they had lines of communication.

The US state department later confirmed there were a number of announcement channels open with Pyongyang. But said little progress was being made.

The US wants North Korea to halt its weapons program. Which has seen it also perform frequent missile tests and, on 3 September, the test of a miniaturized hydrogen bomb which could be loaded on to a long range missile, which Pyongyang said was successful.

But efforts at dialogue seem to be at odds with President Donald Trump’s own attitude to the issue. Just last month, he said ‘talking is not the answer’.


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Mr Trump has previously threatened to annihilate North Korea, saying the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, is on a suicide mission. Mr. Kim then promised to tame the mentally unbalance US dotard with fire.

North Korea sustained the speech-making on Saturday, Also releasing a statement calling Mr Trump an old psychopath bent on the suicidal act of appealing a nuclear disaster that will reduce America to a sea of flames.

The UN has brought in sanctions against North Korea in an attempt to force the secretive state to stop its weapons program.
Also The US sees China – North Korea’s biggest trading partner – as key to ensuring the sanctions are effective.

China this week told North Korean businesses operating in its territory to close down. However, China remains keen to see negotiations with North Korea.

Mr Tillerson revealed the communications channels following a meeting in Beijing with President Xi Jinping and other officials.



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