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NAAM SHABANA STORYLINE: Shabana Khan (Taapsee) is the special agent who is delegated the task of shoot a deadly arms trader (Prithviraj) by the Indian Intelligence Agencies.





NAAM SHABANA REVIEW: charge this prequel on the media. Most critics who saw Neeraj Pandey’s action-drama, Baby (2015) admired agent, Shabana’s cameo in it. Her hurried action-sequence in a Kathmandu hotel room, when accompanying Ajay Singh (Akshay Kumar) on a mission, provided the essential adrenaline-rush. Taking eulogize to their heart, this time around, the makers dedicated 148 mins, (truly?) to the Attractive agent. Apologetic, but the running time is the film’s first inbuilt flaw. Honestly, Shabana shone in Baby because she was in a cameo. Someone failed to spot the point, guys.


That be as it may, give power to women has plus point. So we will go along with the maker’s thinking process in giving us this offering. Only wish Pandey (certified with story-screenplay-dialogues) hadn’t over-simplified dealings. Here, the men (Manoj Bajpayee, Akshay (cameo) and other characters from Baby) are approximately spoon-feeding Shabana.


Such plots apart, when viewed as a stand-alone film, Shabana has some specific merit.


Frankly it jogs your memory how women are no longer dependent when teased by a bunch of drunken ruffians; or when brushed against intentionally in crowded spaces. They have enough and more in their DNA to offer back as fine as they get.


A swift look at Shabana’s past-story- Growing up she was frightened by an intoxicating father, who ill-treated her mother. And she had to go in a juvenile correction facility for accidentally killing her father. Instead of allowing this to tarnish her future, Shabana moulds herself in her own way from  average Seeta, Salma or Suzy.


The first half makes a fuss of the protagonist and her love attention, Jai too much. It is only post-intermission, particularly the last 35 minutes in which dealings pick up. Attaching to a classical action drama narrative that jumps from Mumbai to Goa, Vienna to Kuala Lumpur, with the arms trader and the ISI agents just plays a cat-and-mouse game, the film, is more an idealist fare than a realistic one.

Taapsee carries some knockout punches and is genuine enough. Manoj is radiant, though he has just dialogue-baazi and no action to maintain him. As for Akshay, he is pleased to lend his superstar-presence and lie around in the girl power. So go at the forefront and greeting his high spirit.



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