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STORY: A blatant emission of Baazigar , movie  where the leading actor tricks girls into falling in love before throwing them off rocking height.

REVIEW: The mind get astonished that the ideas of movie like these that actually get written (?), shot, publicized and deal with to hit the theaters. Does no one with a degree of objectivity intervene at any point? Well, here we are, and here it is.


Ransh (Mustafa) is a machine (the actress’ says ), who has no heart. He is made to fall in love with girls, and then made to kill them and take their wealth. Sarah (Advani) becomes his sufferer and but is soon bring back to life to cunning lover when he’s on his next hunt. Her savior? The twins’ brother of a friendzoned Romeo who dies at the hands of Ransh earlier. If the existential crisis hasn’t set in yet, give it time. Two hours and 28 minutes, to be precise.


The lack of any kind of refinement is the most astounding thing here. If a boy is in love, he will write love letters in blood; if a girl is sadden, she will sit by the river and shed tears endlessly; everything is spelled out (in cringe-worthy dialogue) and then underlined and highlighted, should people neglect the point. Songs show up as if they’re following a schedule and can’t fail to notice the deadline.

How is this coming from the same directors who pulled off trained thrillers until the early ‘00s? Like Baazigar, the Abbas-Mustan movie that preserved the deal for Shah Rukh Khan. They have rejuvenated the same plot as a launch vehicle for Mustafa, but have elapsed that little depends on the vehicle and a lot is determined by the man behind the wheel. And Mustafa, suspiciously encircled by obviously less artistic is just not that man. Kiara Advani is almost surely binge-watching Deepika Padukone movies and preference up nuances of her dialogue delivery and expressions. There’s a creepy Padukone vibe about the way Advani walks, talks and looks.


This machine has been put together without any manual and starts falling apart as soon as it is turned on.

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