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A blind cricket team of India, who made the whole nation shouts with proud and happiness by defeating the Pakistan and lifting the Blind T20 World Cup with glory last month. On 2nd of the march PM Modi visit our fabulous Indian blind cricket team and he expressed his happiness by interacting with every member of  the team also says “it was a memorable day for him”.


On his visit, he panegyrized the cricketers and gives them a lot of good wishes. The leader of a nation really showed how happy he felt after interacting with them, by expressing his feelings on twitter. And furthermore he wrote about every individual cricketer on the twitter and through that, he brought a gift for each player. It was the best gift because the PRIME MINISTER you admire writing about you with holding a feeling of admiration makes anyone really…really happy…..  It makes you believe he really was telling the truth about being happy with meeting them.


Narendra Modi also posed with all the players individually, took a photo with them one by one and twitted all those pictures, with a special message for each of them.  And that’s not it he eve the described the achievements of the cricketers and their path which encouraged them to join the cricket like he personally gathers the information about all of them… if you ask me, I think it shows he really care about them.

This is indeed a heartwarming new that put a respect in our eyes for PM Modi, and Indian blind cricket team, isn’t it? He made the cricketers, who give us a chance to shout with joy and proud, feel special by posting special tweets on his Twitter.


Well, that makes him what he is right now.

What do you think about it? Isn’t that make you happy and gives your heart a feeling of peace? Ah! I am feeling like that right now.

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