Saudi Arabia

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According to the news, I heard India might be faced another security challenge because of the dispute blaze up in its neighborhood. In the Maldives, Abdulla Yameen government’s plan to gives all the control on an entire atoll to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia


A question buzzing in my head:

“Why would a Country sell its land to another Country?”

If I am the one who has authority to take this decision.. believe me, I won’t be able to sell it, in any condition, even the situation ask for it… the reason is obvious, I love my land no matter what (I am Indian so I am talking about an Indian land).


The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party Members said “The decision to “sell” Faafu (one of the 26 atolls of Maldives) to Saudi Arabia would provoke Wahhabism in the country. The archipelago already counts as one of the highest numbers of foreign fighters in Syria in terms of per capita.

It’s in the news that Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud will be visiting Maldives soon., MDP member and the former foreign minister said the government didn’t even bother to ask peoples of the country for once… it can make anyone irritated and force to shout “How can they do that” according to the Ahmed Naseem “In the old days, selling land, which is rare in the Maldives, to foreigners or any foreign country would have been seen as the high treason punishable by death.” But in 2015 the government passed a constitutional rectification that allowed foreigners to own land in the Maldives.

Maldives is the only country in India’s neighborhood in which PM Narendra Modi never paid his visiting. India has been unwilling to intervene in the internal affairs of Maldives. But it might not be so long when it required being taking a position of obtruding because of the elections likely next year in the country.

Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Nasheed MDP chief and former President told, that India had a moral obligation to ensure the free and the fair elections in the country also M J Akbar recently visited the Male and replicate India’s support for a stable, peaceful as well as prosperous and democratic Maldives along with fulfilling the desire of its citizens. Mr. Nasheed currently living in banishes in London and he will contest the polls.

Saudi Arabia

According to an MDP official Saudi Arabia fund scholarships for students of Maldives, every year and about 70% of Maldivian population have already subscribed to the Wahhabi sect, He also said that Yameen plans to bring in Islamic teachers from Saudi Arabia and turn the schools into madrasas.

It’s Really is a big decision but I am not pleased with it but if they ask the people of Maldives, before taking a final decision then it may be a different matter.

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  1. शिवाजी जहारान्मांच्या पुतळ्याखालील काव्य kupc chan aaheaani kaka tumche likan sudha mindbloing aahe. raigadavar ekada lek lihava aashi mi vinati karto kaka

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