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You’ve always jealousy those girls in commercials for having bubbly bouncy and beautifully nourished hair and frequently surprised why your hair feels dry and walk lamely all the time. While in deficient of moisture is one of the biggest reasons for your hair looking dehydrated, there are quite a lot of other reasons like exposure to the sun and an unhealthy lifestyle that can be the evil behind you having a dreadful hair every now and then. You can care for dry long hair and help your hair regain and its moisture just following some tips for LONG HAIR:


    • You assume that combing and brushing your hair would be a clever move but this actually causes more hairline fracture. Obviously, this gets worse with dry hair since it is even more vulnerable to hair fall. Finger combing to hair, help distribute natural oils from your scalp and function as a natural moisture
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    • treatment for your hair. It’s actually as simple as it sounds!
    • Eating foods with healthy nutrition that can keep your hair healthy and shiny is the most important. Hence, try and include almonds, salmon, nuts, seeds and avocados in your diet as much as possible. This will make sure that your hair gets the compulsory nourishment from within thereby repairing dry and damaged curls.

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  • If you use garlic oil for massaging it into your hair scalp, it can help your hair to become brawny and flexible .Garlic has a component called Selenium which gives your hair all rich Vitamin E that it needs.
  • The benefits of coconut for hair can nourish your hair from roots to tips. It has a lot of nutrients that can be used as a beauty food also not just for skin but also for hair. It can give you tresses that is long, strong, and shining with good health.

ALSO READ-Can You Solve Worlds Toughest Riddles?

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