Live After Death

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It makes anyone excited and curious when we heard that after we die, we live on in some way, even if it’s a lie. But now scientists have evidence that it’s true —  don’t excited to much it’s just not how you think.Death

Live After Death

Despite all the doubts we already know that our hair and nails continue to grow after we’re dead. (It always loathsome and make me imagine a zombie walking toward me with holding a intention to hunt me down).

But a new study shows that after we’re announcing dead, our cells continue one of their most basic operations, called it’s “gene expression”….yup that’s true. That’s how our DNA creates instructions for building proteins essential for our life.

Live After Death

If we go through the process then the first step of gene expression is “gene transcription.” In which a cell copies DNA into RNA… let’s put it in simple worlds to make it easy- you can think of RNA as an “email” that cells send and that email contains DNA instructions for creating proteins. Furthermore In some cases, the transcription activity actually increases after animals, including humans, die.

Noble, of the University of Washington and Alabama State University, tells science news site Seeker that “It is likely that some cells remain alive and are attempting to repair themselves, specifically stem cells,” and . “We know that within hours to days, the animal’s body will eventually decompose by natural processes and gene transcription will end.” Moreover according to Peter Noble (Lead author of the report) “Our cells may be fighting to keep us alive, even though we’re dead”.

Well some of the gene transcription that increases after death is: stress, disease immunity, inflammation   and cancer and it’s really serious matter especially for those people who receive organs donated from a dead person because in that case people who receive organ transplants have a higher risk of cancer (its Scientists don’t know, they already knew it). And this holds true even when the donor was a young, totally healthy person. Noble says Understanding more about it could help prevent cancer in organ recipients. And he also says “It might be useful to prescreen transplant organs for increased cancer gene transcripts”.

Live After Death

The researchers studied on zebra fish and mice, but believe conclusions apply to all animals, including humans. And the study covered the two days after death is announcing, so it’s possible that this transcription activity continues even beyond it.

According to Ashim Malhotra an assistant professor at Pacific University Oregon. He told Seeker about research that more studies are needed, and for longer periods of time than just the two days postmortem. Also he says further study might determine whether we can one day “put a hold on death.”

Keep in mind before thinking about immortality: The whole cellular activities is happen after you already “pronounced dead,” and your brain’s stopped working. But if somehow doctors can revive your brain then you might technically be “alive”– but as a walking zombie, you won’t like it, right?

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