Karan Kundra

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A misbehaving caused replacement of Karan Kundra by Nikhil Chinapa from the chair of “Roadies Rising” Host.

Karan Kundra

The whole fuss creates just because Karan Kundra got aggressive with two contestants and slapped one of them after he said he had once slapped his sister. And it become worst for Karan Kundra when a video surfaced online where the TV actor was seen slapping a contestant……ohhh!  My.

Now you can see what technology and social media can do. And all that fuss end up in result as a replacement of Karan Kundra by Mumbai popular VJ Nikhil Chinapa who has grabbed the chair of host on “roadies rising”.

Well all that drama happened during audition of in which Karan got aggressive with two contestants and slapped one of them after he said he had once slapped his sister.

Karan Kundra

But the source says different story according them Nikhil got the chance due to clash in schedule and not because of any other issue.

Oh! There’s more “”Nikhil is being roped in to take Karan’s place on ‘Roadies Rising’ due to clash in schedules of the journey shoot and Karan’s other prior commitments,” that’s information got through the other sources and he added “When Karan was on the off-site in Los Angeles with the team, he spoke about having to give the ‘Roadies’ journey a miss this year due to some other engagements that he had to honors,”

Sum of the conclusion Nikhil, who has judged some seasons of the adventure-reality show, will now join as one of the gang leader on Roadies which also features Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula and off-spinner Harbhajan Singh.

I know its bed news for them who was looking forward to saw Karan Kundra in “Roadies Rising”. But i think it’s good to see some other faces we didn’t expect to be there, Right?

I think the show is entertaining along with having what people expecting from it and i hope Nikhil leave good impression in entertainment world through this show.

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