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Directed by Subhash Kapoor based on laws and justice theme the story of “JOLLY LLB” came on the box office in 2013, I think you can say the story was almost went like sinking boat if it hadn’t supported by the comic timing of leading man Arshad Warsi and Saurabh Shukla.. when i saw him i was sure that person will amaze everyone by his profound performance in quixotic judge character and he did amazed everyone…..Well i didn’t know Saurabh Shukla very well before he played the character of judge in “JOLLY LLB”.

In “JOLLY LLB 2” storyline had some cosmetic changes along with replacement of leading men, but thanks…Kapoor sahab you keeps Shukla in your second series of comedy juristic movie “JOLLY LLB 2”. In this second series Delhi convert into Lukhnow and the whole settings replaced to  Lucknow. I was also surprised to saw that warsi makes a way for Akshay Kumar….well, thinks like that happens some time. The story turns out what we thought about it. I should say this time kapoor pay little attention towards the detail of the legal process for film about the law, campared to “JOLLY LLB” , and he needs to did that and he did it. But i think he did that for unnecessary drama to the plot.

Ah! just like before lead charater played jolly, you know whom i talking about……of course Akshay Kumar. A clumsy lowyer and a sidekick of one of the cities top legal ringtail. But something big happened…a pregnant lady suicide…a women who is seeking justice for the custodial death of her husband and that accident contain some fallacy of JOLLY’S rackless and his amiss ambition to reach on the top. All wrapped into guilt jolly become a angel of justice and commit himself to litigate the corrupt officer who was main culprit for the murder. When fighting for the justice, he goes far away with his motives for fair judgement, his extreme lengths for judgement was like – making deals with a police officer, rescuing a key witness from prison in jammu and kashmir and even risking being disbarred.

If you put aside the precise incongruity, you see…the story confined into the courtroom drama making the unnecessary meander as the screenplay takes. This movie doesn’t gives you much emotional feeling so we couldn’t consider it as a emotional film. Hillerious humour of Kumar and the wonderful twist Shukla takes as the humorous judge whose bumbling demeanour hides a tough interior provide some bright sparks, but i have to say the rest of the story didn’t climb up to your expected standard.

Huma Qureshi act in movie just for the name, who motivate his husband(JOLLY) with the punch of emotions and clap for him. Annu Kapoor act as sneaky men, who charges clients even for a cup of tea with showing his whole denture.

Phewwwww……..well, i’am not the big fan of this movie but you can watch it once or twise for comedy times.

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