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People are reliant on technology and have forgotten to maintain roadway of their physical activity. WHO defines physical activity as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that have need of energy expenditure health  – including activities carry out while working, playing, travelling, and engaging in recreational searches? The expression “physical activity” should not be puzzled with “exercise”. People are less energetic due to technology and accessibility of mass transportation. The tribulations and consequences from our obese society are sobering. However, we can all create changes.


Normal physical activity offers important health benefits, including reduced possibility for untimely death, cardiovascular disease, ischemic stroke and type2 diabetes. National guiding principle for Aerobic Physical Activity recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity for youth in a week, or an equivalent combination for substantial health benefits. Insufficient physical activity can put a health burden that result in higher health expenditure. Studies have constantly shown that obese persons have higher health care expenditures than normal weight persons. One pathway by which physical activity may manipulate health care outgoings is through its role in weight management.


By nature humans are not made to be physically immobile. Inactive death syndrome is a major risk factor for many worldwide diseases and millions of early deaths each year. Studies have shown that long-lived species are more efficient in cellular protection than short-lived species, suggesting that development of the body’s maintenance systems may time-consuming the aging process. Since aging consequences from the accumulation of cellular damage, involvement in poor lifestyles may avoid damage, promote repair, and thereby increase life expectancy.


Society in general and individuals can take action to increase physical activity. Ways to increase physical activity are walking, cycling and other forms of active transportation are easy to get and safe for all; implement labor and workplace policies should  inspires to  physical activity; schools should have safe spaces and conveniences for students to expend their free time actively; quality physical education supports children to develop behavior patterns that will keep them physically active throughout their lives; and sports and recreation services provide opportunities for everyone to do sports. Only when we can assure the healthy society.

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