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The stories of heroes, you have heard some of them or had watched the movie about them, or maybe read the stories about heroes like King Arthur or Harry Potter. Your Heroes can be from the fantasy world or from the real life; the only thing they need is to be able to inspire you or can be fitted in your ideal character.


They are amazing, the heroes, aren’t they? especially the heroes of wars. They put their life on risk to protect hundreds or the thousands of people and able to give them a chance to live a new life, far from battles and blood. Most of us admire them or want to be like them. Many of us think or plan to do something for other but never able to bring out the courage to sacrifice our comfortable life for others, like the Heroes of Kindness.


But there are the people who prove themselves as the real life Heroes, who rise from among us:-

  • Neerja Bhanot:-

Neerja Bhanot, a flight attendant of Pan America, who sacrificed her own life for trying to protect the passenger of Pan Am flight 73, from the terrorist who hijacked the airplane during a stopover in Karachi. Neerja was killed by the terrorist during this sorrowful tragedy. This misfortune happened on 5th September 1986.


  • Lee jong-rak:-

A Pastor of the South Korea, Jong-rak, created the Baby-Box for the abandoned children, so they can also have a place that can become a home for those poor children. A small box becomes a savior of the unwanted children and able to save children from dying on the street after abandoned by their parents. This small Baby-Box is attached to the wall of Jong-rak house and he is the one who raises and protect those children.


  • Aitzaz Hasan:-

On the bright working day, a suicide bomber suddenly came on the Ibrahim Zai High school and wants to enter in the school ground with hiding an explosive bomb inside him. But a brave Pakistani boy, Aitzaz Hasan noticed him and prevented him from entering the school.

He protected 2,000 students with risking his life, later Aitzaz died in the Hospital.


They are the heroes who devoted their life towards the humanity or died for the humanity. They live for the others and died for the others without even hesitating or thinking for the twice.

They may not have the swords or magic power but they have strong and brave heart, they are the Hero of Wars and the Heroes of Kindness.


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